Monday, July 20, 2009

Labor Pains and Idiots Delight

This was really bad. and in fact it's probably lucky terminator salvation came out this year cause this would be the worst film of the whole year. So I guess it's the second worst film of the year. Score one for wolverine.
This movie apprently is a comedy. All thought it's not funny or really comical. You have someone who is pretending to be pregnet so she can keep her job so she can support her little sister. Then the situation gets wacky. Really the premise of this movie is not the problem. The director and the script are terrible. There's nothing funny or intesting at all about this movie.
And why did anyone think Lindsey Lohan could act. like for real are we really gonna pretend she could. I think a little in Mean Girls. But I have not liked her in anything since. I get that at one point she was attractive. but now she's just gross and not very good. She has never been as bad as she was in this movie. But this is probably a very serious low point.
Well this didn't even make it to theaters or dvd cause they sold it to ABC Family. yeah i know. I watched it cause i like it see a bad movie to kind of remind myself how bad movies can get and man woooo was i reminded. They even couldn't get the pan and scan right and it just looked bad. I would have cared but I doubt that would have added anything. Don't see this movie it sucks. Lindesy Lohan is the new Shanon Doherty in that they expired within 5 years of them getting big. Kinda lame. seriously EPIC FAIL.

This was a really good. I guess it's kind of a musical. I mean there are musical parts but it's not that much of the film were i could say it's a musical. It is the only movie were Clark Gable sings and dances. All thought I'm pretty sure he danced in gone with the wind(which came out the same year as this)but whatever.
This almost played for me like a Batman the animated series episode. Really I guess I should say Batman has stuff that plays like this. The set up for the film is great. Having both Clark Gable and Norma Shearer's earlier relationship doing a show and he fascination with the psychic act he was doing then. Well it was more of an acquaintance. Then later when we see this mysterious character in the a hotel who might be her we understand Gable's characters confusion.
Norma Shearer had yet to really make me understand why people liked her so much. I thought she was all right in the women. but i could never really go crazy for her. Then I saw this movie and i get way more then i used to. She was really good and when she changed into this other character she did a dam good job. Even before that i was like man i really like her in this.
Saying Clark Gable was good in this. well he's always good. I am suprised how well he did all the dancing and singing. And pretty effortlessly. Of course he's Clark Gable.
The film really changes after the first act. And in a really good way. There all stuck in a hotel in europe. well you actually don't know where you just know that all the countries have closed down there boarders cause war was about to break out. since it was 39 i'll let you guess which war it was. While they're there Clark Gable and his new act a group of 6 blondes called Les Blondes and himself do there show since there stuck there. however the planes for the enemy are leaving from right below to bomb the crap out of everybody. So while all this dancing and singing bombers are flying overhead. It says alot about war and our need for normality. It's also intresting cause they almost feel out of touch with the rest of the world. there are some really errie sequences in this film man. I really liked it.
I would recomend this movie. it's deeper then you'll probably realise and i wish it had a better poster. I'm sure this helped it sell at the time but somebody criterion that shit you know. great movie check it out if you get the chance.


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