Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Man from Laramie and The Sentinel

Anthony Mann is not your average western director. He likes to mix noir and the western with his own personal touches to make a western. He shoots locations that echo the emotions of the characters. His westerns are brutal showing a side of the west that was glossed over. He is an essential part of how western film making evolved many feel and i agree that the searchers is very influenced by Mann. He also somewhat paved the way for what the spaghetti westerns would do later.
There is a feel to a Anthony Mann western that I can never quite explain but they all have this strange feel.
Jimmy Stewart is so different in the Mann films I've seen him in. He's not the Stewart I'm used to. He's somehow darker and less hopefull then the films we usually see him in. He's like a very good existental western hero. Like a great anti hero. I love his acting in these. He's very good at doing this. you wouldn't think that Stewart would be. But he's good at twisting the everyman appeal he had and using in it to work in very much a noir way.
This is very dark but I like that about this western. It's defently a coo era it wasn't quite sergio leone but it's getting there.
If you've never seen a anothony mann western before check one out. but defently one with Jimmy Stewart. which is like 5 films. but this is a good movie.

This is a coo horror movie from the 70's. This is the film that director Michael Winner made right after Death Wish. well maybe not right after but it was the next film he made. It kind reminds me a little of rosemary's baby. But they change perspective to much to do that. Since both rosemary's baby and the stepford wives rely on that you don't know what these men are doing. In this her boyfriend takes an active role in trying to figure out whats wrong. but it still somewhat influenced by rosemary's baby. But this film has a lot of orignalty to it.
I like the way they made religion look so fucking creepy. man religion has always creeped me out. For a majority of the film the church is looked at as being behind this creepy evil stuff. Good use at the time. I'm sure people weren't thrilled. helps the film age very well.
I like the music Michael Winner is good at getting great soundtracks. I prefer the Herbie Hancock score in Death Wish to this but it's still pretty dam sweet. Very 70's I don't think you could get away with that score any other time.
The most important part to any horror film is the scares and the scares are all here. they really sometimes creep up on you and other times are just good old holy shit what was that. It knows what it's doing.
I also liked the sub text that he boyfriend like hodini. I mena it wasn't used and was very in the background but it felt like they really planned out that he was like in love with hoodini. maybe I'm silly to have noticed that one.
If you want a good scary movie I would check this out. there are actually some plot points that you good wait really i don't know but only til later at the time i didn't even think it. I think thats how well made the film is because if it was a lesser made film. you'd probably be really bugged by it. this film works very well. if your looking for a good scary apartment movie see this.


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