Thursday, July 02, 2009

G men

This was warners attempt at getting conservatives to calm down about there gangster movies. Thye put James Cagney in a movie with gangster except he was the cop not the gangster. Sounds like a pretty good idea and it worked cause this movie was one of the biggest of 1935.
It was really intresting. Some of the shots were amazing. incredible use of shadow. but then it was just shot like a normal movie. I almost felt like it wanted to go all gangster and that's what i guess you feel the movie should do. based on conventions from a gangster movie. It was almost hard to see Cagney as a cop but the movie was so much like a gangster movie. Making this film really intresting.
I mean it's not Public enemy and it's not White Heat. It's still a good Cagney I would say he can pull off playing a good guy. In fact he does a very good job at playing a good guy. But when he plays a gangster oooo man that's when you really see a great job. So yeah his gangster roles are better. But he's James Cagney and he's one hell of an actor. so I'm saying I don't like him I'm just saying that he was good but he can do better i guess.
This is really a blockbuster from 1935. It's obviously a mainstream movie. I don't have a problem with it being mainstream just that it. it isn't an edgy kind of blockbuster. some parts i feel like it wants to be and in fact it's almost there but then you go back to just a regular movie.
If you like a good gangster film this might be a werid movie for you to pick but i think you'll like it. it defently has it's charm and it's a good movie. if you read a description it will say it's about a lawyer who has his law school paid for by a gangster and then has to go after them. to a certain point that is true. but it is not played as the central part of this. all though it is still there. regardless I like this movie and i would say if you get a chance to see it.

I know another Michael Jackson post. but I can't think of a movie to write about so why not here's some videos. but only off the wall


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