Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Thin Man and Gunga Din

I'd had heard for a while that this was a really good comedy. I had no idea. This is a really well made comedy. All the characters even the minor ones were well made and i connected with them. Towards the end of the film I even felt like they were old friends. Plus the jokes were funny and the characters are very likeable. well the ones your supposed to like.
The two main characters nick and nora really steal the show. there very charismatic. when they first appear on screen together it's clear who the main characters are. together they have so much chemistry. it's crazy.
I also liked seeing a couple on screen the geninely liked each other. they were always flirting and having fun. i could actually believe that they were married. which is a crazy thing for a movie right. but really they played it so well that it makes the film alot more fun. you could compare this kind of fun to the original ghostbusters. It's funny and your having a great time. it's like nick and nora are our awesome hosts through this mystery.
I was also taken a back at how well it was shot. espically the lighting kinda suprised me. i felt like they wanted to make it look like the lighting would look in that room rahter then make it look like a set. which is crazy. it gave it a really great look to it.
I really recomend this movie to anyone. it's something anyone can enjoy. it's veyr non offensive but not in a stupid way. that's jus the way it is. and it play marvelously. If you have never seen the thin man then your defently in for a threat.

This is what a big blockbuster was like in the 30's and dam is it still fun. Cary Grant is a great treasure seeker in this film. He plays it off so well it's crazy. Cary Grant really stole the film for him. However Victor McLaglen was really awesome. He added almost the role of the gang. like the guy who always goes we can't do that we're these guys. and Douglas Fairbank jr. was also great as a love struck solider.
This is a really fun adventure film in way that you want adventure films to be. much like erroly flynn's robin hood. this might not be the amazing film that robin hood is but hell it's pretty close. Speilberg was probably a big fan of this and many say it influenced temple of doom.
George Stevens directed this very well. with some incredbile cinematography and acting he made a great audience film. I've been a fan of Stevens for a couple of years. Mostly for both Giant and A place in the sun as well as Shane. I've never seen him do a big adventure film before and he was really up to the challenge. He knew his cast and he knew the actors well enough to make this a really well done picture.
Of course this film was made during the year the many consider hollywood's greatest 1939. Which is celebrating it's 70th anniversary this year. This is a gem from that time period. one could argue that some of it's a little dated espically the fight scenes. Also I think George Stevens got better with age like a fine wine or something. This is well directed and I think he did an amazing job. But I kind of see a more skilled directed when I watch Giant.
This is still a great film and if you like old adventure films this is a good one. It's nice to see that big adventure films evolved too. I know there not as coo but it's good to see where they came from. espically since that's the kinda of stuff most people see anyway. If you like adventure movies and you like having a good time while watching them check this out.


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