Monday, June 15, 2009

Watcher and One False move

This is a movie I made way back in 2005. This is very rarely been screened. I think it played for my class and then at a year end class screening. That might have been it. So really it's sat around since then.
I actually recut it for youtube. originally it was 22 min. now it's 10:50. I cut it down cause i really didn't like how long it was and frankly this works alot better.

Ok this is a good movie however there was one thing towards the end that really bugged me. I don't know like yeah it's well directed and I can see that it was a low budget film. It's just I really didn't like parts of the third act.
It was really well directed. sometimes I would really be suprised about the emotion they'd get out of characters that seemed almost there for purely comic relief reasons.
It was coo seeing Bill Paxton I really liked him in it.
Billy Bob Thorton plays a really scary villian. He also co wrote the screenplay. He's a good villian. makes me wonder why more people don't cast him as a villian. Like you could tell he could just kinda go crazy at any moment.
The criminals in the car were probably the more intresting part of the film. They even though you know there evil and intresting to watch. you never quite know where they stand. really thats probably what they feel about the situation as well. I doubt they even trusted each other. they were well made scenes in this.
Really if you gonna see what i guess is a neo noir. this is a good movie. if it was me i would see After Dark, My Sweet over this. I think thats a much better film. but all though there both neo noir's. there also very different. they both certainly have there merits.


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