Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Body of Lies and Little Shop of Horrors

I orignally wanted to see this movie when it came out. then i was just lazy for a bit and heard it was only ok. well i finally saw it. first off I really thought that since Ridley Scott's American Gangster was only ok and well disappointing. that this would also be. I was wrong. This is a good action movie.
Now when i say that yeah there are some silly things in this were your like what. but Dicaprio and Scott really get through this very well. the thing moves. you'll almost forget how much it moves.
Dicaprio was really good as the lead. i wish more people would use him for more action stuff. He can really tackle anything. I know this was sold as a russel Crowe Leonardo Dicaprio movie. but i felt that Dicaprio really did a whole lot more then Crowe really did.
And whats up with bloated Russel Crowe. weren't you the dude in Gladiator and stuff. that 9 years ago every girl would tell me how hot you are. Now everyone he plays is fat. like what for real dude. i mean i know I'm lazy but jeeezzzz. It's like watching some coo kid become somebody's lame dad who really likes ho ho's. He was ok but i really wasn't digging him. however i will admit that i wasn't really supposed to like his character so i think he was good.
This is very much an action movie made like in 2008. You the whole iraq war thing and untrustworthy goverment that doesn't really know whats going on. that actually worked with this film. having Russel Crowe be at home and his wifes like come back to bed you can help iraq later. that kinda shows what is the problem some people are doing the work and others are at home with there wives.
I like this movie and yes i like it more then american gangster. in fact i say check it out. I know everybody loves those Bourne movies. well then this should be right up your alley. if you just like good action movies you'll probably like it too.

After seeing bucket of blood recently i was curious to see another Corman. Also a couple people had told me the orignal little shop of horrors was actually pretty fun. well they were right. sure the musical remake is better. no question. but this isn't just some stupid b-movie. they actually did a really good job on this and managed to have some fun.
Much like Bucket of Blood Corman combinded more humor with horror which was pretty fucking crazy for the time. most b stuff was just b movies. i feel like Corman was trying to get the best film out of this and it really works.
I noticed he used alot of the same people they work well with his style and he certainly knows how to use them for each role.
Jack Nicholson has a guest apperance. i always thought he was in a different spot in the film. but his little scene is still kinda coo. i think if he wasn't jack nicholson i wouldn't be as in to it.
I know the musical remake is what everyone remembers as the better one and yes your right but this one is still coo. it really is. it's a fun cult b-movie. i really reccomend it. also it's like 71 minutes. you can say you saw a movie and still have a lot of time to kill. so really there's no excuse. i even think this might be a better film then bucket of blood. but this was defently alot funnier then that. also it was more of a fun concept then that film. but yeah see this it's coo.


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Your reviews are good...even given that English appears to be your second language.

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