Monday, June 08, 2009

NEW nockFORCE Quickie, my book, and Sugarland Express


Niko, the talented-as-hell creator of GEOWEASEL animated this for us! check out his stuff. it's awesome

So yeah, that system is really really old. I bet they had a lot of fun with it.

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Mighty Boosh
King of the hill
aqua teen
drinky crow

In this nockforce i referenced this cletus. figured i'd post it just cause

Oh and if you havn't heard my book is coming in september from Random House. nah we made this at work i said it and my friend micah made. it was crazy.

This was speilberg's first movie. well ok he made movies before. like tv movies and stuff. but he had never made a movie for a movie studio. One of his tv movies Duel did go to theaters but was originally a tv movie. But regardless of all that it's also his first film with composer John Williams. I mean Speilberg and John Williams are so connected in my mind I can't imagine speilberg without him.
Sugarland Express is very well made. Thats one that that struck while i was watching it. Speilberg always makes well made movies.
It's also shot very well also like all Speilberg movies. But at the time if i had seen this I honestly would have thought the cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond was responisable. Zsigmond had a good resume with stuff like the deer hunter and days of Heaven. but at the time i hadn't seen all the Speilberg i have now. but it was incrediably well shot. i think having both Speilberg and Zsigmond together made a really great team. but they would work together again on Close encounters so i guess they realised that one.
This a coo car chase movie and kinda of an odd car chase too. like there's just this huge convoy of police cars following them. it's really well it was the 70's thats what you get from a mainstream movies. stupid youth culture hippies.
It's defently the weirdest speilberg movie ever made. it's also the only time speilberg got a cannes film festival nomination. no I'm not fucking with you only time. that's hillarious.
If you like Speilberg then see this movie. it's a fun suprise. it's some great directors ruff little first movie. it's actually pretty coo. I could see it playing with like vanishing point. Speilberg shows how he can take a b-movie and shoot it like an A-Picture so well in this movie. it's really great. I'd go so far as it own it. goes up there with other coo classic first films like Kubricks Killers Kiss. expect this was better made. well to be fair it had a bigger budget but then both great.

but sugrland express it's coo.


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