Tuesday, May 26, 2009

NEW nockFORCE QUICKIE and Terminator Salivation

Looting and polluting is not the way
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"Someone else do it!"

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And I really thought the worst movie of the summer was gonna be wolverine. man terminator salivation sure changed that real quick. to be frank this movie fucking sucks. in fact this movie is bland like what the fuck.
I kinda knew it was gonna suck but it's just beyond what i thought it was gonna be.
First Christain Bale is horriable. like really bad. why is he always mister serious all the time. man i got sick of his stupid batman voice and then he goes and does this. his john connor was flat.
Everyone else was pretty forgettable. i'm wondering if i can say Bryce Dallas Howard is cursed. not only was she in this franchise killer she was in spiderman 3 and the village and lady in the water. i always read people say yeah but she's so good. what is this based on. she was not been in a single good movie. somebody explain her appeal cause everytime i see her act everyone says well don't judge her with that. yeah i guess i shouldn't judge an actress but her actual acting how silly of me.
Common is so bad at acting it's embaressing. really Common work with kanye and don't act. it's a blessing you weren't in that justice league movie.
Sam Worthington may have been the best thing in the whole movie. and he wasn't that great but i do wanna see him again he was coo.
Mcg did a terrible job but i don't why we all thought it was a good idea to let the guy who directed 2 charlies angles movies and nothing else. do a terminator. i read in an interview that when he met with cameron he compared mcg doing this terminator with him doing aliens after ridley scott had done alien. apprently james cameron is one of the nicest guys ever cause that clearly was not true.
there was one part i liked were they used the g nr song from T2 and when john connor say I'll be back. and that's it yep that's it. lame
Mcg you fucking suck. at least Zack snyder trys this movie was boring i felt like i was watching a tv show that i wasn't that intrested in. also some fucking humor. jeez and i wondered if you really knew terminator. you seemed more intrested in ripping off other current movies then knowing the franchise you were working with.
By the end i really didn't care this movie sucks. and not like when i saw obsessed and it was so bad it's good. this is bad like bland bullshit. it's just bad. honestly i don't know why i keep seeing terminator movies. this franchise is dead and i really don't know why we need more the first 2 are perfect. so why bother. skip this one.

but i will say this here's the most memoriable part of the whole movie

yeah christain bale rant remix. also this better then the whole movie


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