Friday, May 08, 2009

Star Trek

yes this movie is good. but it's not the home run i was hoping for. As a Star Trek movie I really think it's defently one of the better ones but is that really saying much. sure yeah this movie i guess works but it's kinda like ooo yeah you worked yippie.
J.J. Abrams seems a little more concerned dating the film and reminding me he produced cloverfield. with all his shaky cam. what is up with that how much was this movie and no tripod. also tons of lens flares. who ever was in charge of lens flares had there hands full with this movie.
Parts of the story even if they were stupid were well done. but as a whole i kinda wanted something more.
Also alot of the origins were like and that was the origin of that. yeah good one guys. it felt like they needed to get that into the film. rather then organically. that was a big problem nothing was organic.
Sure Chris Pine does a great job as kirk everyone else never really got close to that guy and yeah he'll probably be a big star. he was the only one as an actor that really intrested me.
But it was a good space movie and yeah it's good but it's not the kick off to the summer like Iron Man. however man does this set up a good star trek 2. for real. hopefully this will be like the x-men or spiderman and the sequal is crazy better then the first. for my sake i hope so.
But it's good. i don't know man i wanted more of a home run but you'll like it. not sure if it will really get more people into it. but they won't be as bored as a normal star trek movie.


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