Friday, May 01, 2009

Wolverine and In the Line of Fire

Well let's start with the positive this movie is better then X-men 3. I mean it's not better then the other 2 x-men movies. but it's not the worst x-men movie. Some of the characters worked really well like Ryan Renolds as Deadpool was perfect. Most people think Deadpool is hillarious or just annoying and stupid. Ryan Renolds works cause you either think he's hillarious or just annoying and stupid. so it works really well. Also Liev Schreiber pulls of the best performance anyones done for sabertooth. in fact i wish he was in a better wolverine movie. also liked Dominic Monaghan as bolt.
Ok this movie well it just doesn't really work yeah it doesn't get as bad as the cinematic terds that were x-men 3 and spiderman 3. But it's not even better then the first x-men. most of the logic and plot and well like setting up the big fight at the end were not present. stuff just happens. there were good scenes but so many stupid lame. embaressing looking ones that you don't care that much.
Also how could you screw up Gambit so much. i'm not even that big of a gambit fan and man they fuck up. Whats even worse is they could have fixed it's like staring them in the face how easy it is to make that character a great Gambit. then they get Taylor Kitsch who is awesome in Friday Night Lights and don't give him any room to really make this character work. i don't know whos fault this was but really if given the right movie with Taylor Kitsch as Gambit that could be sweet as all hell.
I don't understand why they made this wolverine movie. isn't his whole appeal that he is crazy violent. i havn't even seen him really do that. i saw that in x-men 2 and when it happend the audience lost there shit. i thought finally this is gonna be the film wolverine ever wants. then i get some crap about an origin i don't give a fuck about an origin. guess what i don't care where anything comes from i want a good movie. it's mad easy have awesome rated R and a hard R at that. kick ass wolverine movie. the first rule of media is give people what they want. this is a disappointment of a comic book film and a summer movie. I really want the franchise to restart cause this blows.
Also i'm actually gonna give something away but it was such a stupid move i have to blow the i'll do the spoilers thing
ok so in the wolverine movie to get rid of his memories. the strkyer guy shoots wolverine in the head. cause apprently wolverine can regrow brains but not memories. oh yeah that makes sense sure. oooo wait didn't that happen in X-men 2 and he was fine and remembered everything. so your actually going against logic that your own franchise set up. geinus. what the fuck. that really pissed me off. and the whole thing was handled like an after thought

so really this movie is not horriable well ok it is but not as horriable as people say but it's also not very good. honestly don't bother it's not worth it. i knew this summer was gonna suck with comic book movie compared to last summer. this is lame. marvel and fox be ashamed make better x-men movies. cause wow just like try a little cause this blows. i just really i've lost all faith in these films. don't bother.

this was the last movie Clint Eastwood was in that was directed by someone other then Clint Eastwood. It's a nice way to go out. It's also scored by Ennio Morricone who scored the good, the bad, and the ugly. all though this is a later score from him and really he wasn't as good then. this is still a good score and he delievers for Eastwood.
This is a really good thriller. Like yeah it's a big mainstream movie thriller but it's really good at being a big mainstream movie thriller. i mena sure at first I'm like I've seen this but as it went on I got really into it.
What helps is John Malkovich as the bad guy. He is awesome in this movie. He plays a great villian. I wish more people would use him. cause he was amazing. I know he got an oscar nomination for it. but man he rules in this movie.
Rene Russo is in this I don't really get why people liked her. she's not a good actress and not really attractive so i don't get the point. but i think i read eveyone else turned it down and i guess she's ok.
This was directed by Wolfgang peterson. He also did Air Force One. I guess he had a president thing going on even though he's not from america. remember he directed Das Boot also. You could probably watch this with that and have a coo double feature.
If you wanna see a good thriller cause i was really on the edge of my seat for some parts. then see this movie. It's really a good thriller. i know people through that out there alot. like ewwwwww the da vinic code ewwwwwwwwwww but this is actually really good. I really recomend seeing it if you like thrillers.

hulu won't let me embed this one but it's online for like 15 more days for free HERE !!


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