Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The World's Greatest Sinner and Desert Trail

There are two types of weird people those who wanna be weird and strange and try really hard. And then there are those guys who are so fucking weird and strange they don't have to try cause in the deepest recess's of there soul there weird. That person is Timothy Carey and he wrote, starred, and directed this movie.
The Worlds Greatest Sinner is the great cult movie that you don't know about. Sure it's as oscure as you can get. But it's also weird and strange enough that it will no doubt live up to your expectations.
It's about an insurance sales man who is convinced by the devil as a snake. That he should promote his own kinda religion with rock and roll as a rock and roll star. if that isn't enough. The film's score is made by a young pre-mothers of invention Frank Zappa. Yeah this was the first thing he ever did.
This movie is one of the greatest cult movie's I have ever seen and I know I'll be watching it tons of times. Cause man this is so fucking out there. It's just wow. And how did Timothy Carey come up with this. sure this sounds like something that might be a tales from the crypt episode in the mid 90's. This was 65. That's pre hippies. Just wow.
I don't know if there is a time when this movie would be considered normal actually. but dam this movie's awesome.
This movie is hard to find and not on dvd. In fact it's always been hard to find. There would be a screening here or there but it's mostly got it's good name from rave reviews from directors. And even then Carey would organise a screening for them. Those directors are Kubrick (who cast Timothy Carey in Paths of Glory), Coppolla, and Scoresse. I've heard other directors did also really like it but I never got names. so we'll just guess that they did. But I know and you can tell that Scoresse loved it.
but TCM played it on TCM underground recently and knowing them they'll show it again. but if you ever get the chance to see this movie take it for real see this.

Also Martin Scoresse says it's one of the top rock and roll movies of all time

This is an early John Wayne film. Well really it's his 61st movie but it's only 1935. so this is before Stagecoach. John Wayne was a star but he hadn't blown up yet.
This film shows alot of promise from wayne and I can understand what John Ford saw in him later.
The plot is this (wikipedia do your stuff) "Rodeo star John Scott (John Wayne) and his gambler friend Kansas Charlie (Eddy Chandler) are wrongly accused of armed robbery at the Rattlesnake Gulch rodeo just after John Scott gets his rodeo prize money. The Rodeo Official is robbed and murdered by Pete (Paul Fix) a minute after Scott and Kansas Charlie leave. Pete then says he just saw John and his friend Kansas Charlie leaving the office. The two fugitives flee to another town where they assume new names. But Pete arrives to point them out and they find themselves in jail. Pete's reluctant accomplice, knowing they are innocent, gets them out and they head after Pete to try to get a confession."
So it's a whole misunderstanding type of thing. It works well with John Wayne and Eddy Chandler. They work very well as co stars so much so I'm almost sure they were partying buddies during the filming of this movie.
Really this movie works cause it's fun and John Wayne looked like he was having fun. so it's a good western from 35.
But some jackass decided that it needed some lame ass keyboard music. I don't understand why old movies need terrible keyboard music. This one really didn't need it and I wish they wouldn't have it but ooo well. that's unfornate. Check out this movie below.


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