Tuesday, April 07, 2009

the long good friday and the motel

This is a great british gangster film with a killer late 70's syth soundtrack. and it fucking rules. this movie is awesome. it's a gangster film but it's almost more then just cause it rules and it awesome. It also uses what was going on with redevelopment in england as a part of the story.
If you havn't seen this and you like crime movies. fuck if you like movies in general this movie is for you.
I mean the theme alone dam. just dam. is that a cathcy tune.
And Bob Hoskins oh my fucking god. don't even judge hoskins. right now i feel like i know Hoskins way better then you. yeah i know u seen rodger rabbit you ain't seen shit. i feel like I'm hoskins mistress and your like his wife. I know him so much better then you. i mean he obviously likes me more cause first i saw this movie and second ummmm well point is you have no clue how much of an incredible bad ass Bob Hoskins has cooking inside of him. He rules
Also Helen Mirren who apprently is also hot even back then too does a great job as Hoskins girlfriend and does a great job in the role. hell everyone is great in this. even the few scenes with a very young Pirece Brosnan.
Listen do you like movies with action and awesomeness. well don't complain about seeing bad movies this movie fucking rules. for real.
I'm not gonna tell the plot see it. truely awesome in all the best ways. really a great. also perfect film. I can't think of a better movie more people need to see. really awesome.

ok this is not the trailer and i don't know how debra winger got in here but hey thats kinda funny. anyway just listen to the music it rules.

I really like this poster too. really well done. actually may have been the reason i saw the movie. cause this poster was really good.

There really arn't that many films about kids that don't have a talking cg animal or arn't made for kids. this film i guess is made for kids but it has all kinda painful and embarressing moments of childhood (well they were at the time).
The Motel is about a kid named Ernest who's family owns a motel. His chores are to clean all the rooms and stuff. With only his mom, grandpa, and lil sister. It's both fun and uncomfortable depending on the guests staying in the motel. We follow Ernest through most of the film and see his 12 year old life.
They made him as 12 as really he could be. which is nice cause theres alot of moments that are really genuine kids moments. like him sitting on someone who disagrees with him or when he spazz's out. Making the film have a very human quality.
It's also framed almost like a cartoon. it's very visually simple. I guess this maybe to try and show the world through Ernests point of view. I'm not sure about that. but i really liked how they shot this. It was simple but it let you know alot about the characters.
I know this film will get compared to Welcome to the dollhouse. really they are different films. You could say that Welcome to the Dollhouse is like a band that was big 10 years ago and The Motel is that new band thats influenced by them. but in other ways there different films about two very different characters. you can still feel that it is but it's not just a rip off or something it's better then that. it's just influeced.
I really like this film and at 75 minutes how can you go wrong. It's a very geniune film. I think sometimes it goes over the top a little but for the most part it's a good movie and you'll have a good time. i actually think 12 year olds would like this film but what do i know. I'm not 12 and i don't like high school the musical.


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