Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Silence and Black snake moan

yeah so Bergman man.
When I started this movie. I didn't know where they were and I didn't know why they were there. There in a hotel in a part of europe. (not sure where) There's a little boy and two women. I like the mystery around this film. seemingly nothing happens. but they seem to be able to hold this film together and keep it moving.
The little boy was a great character having him discover things in the hotel. like a group of midgets. yeah a ton of midgets. His adventures were to fun to watch.
This movie is also very quite. not sure if that has anything to do with the title. but it wasn't a very loud movie at all. I liked that they just had to use the room tone and foot steps and things.
Bergman likes to patiently show you things. he doesn't want to rush it. like he's slowly telling you a story. but how long it takes is very intresting.
I don't think you can get everything from one viewing with this film. but one viewing will be incredibly wounderful experience and i can't wait to see this again. hell ti might take me a while to fully get this but it'll be a great pleasure to get there.

Certainly this movie could never be as good as the poster. cause this poster is really awesome. This is kinda the weird intresting movie that a director always makes second. Mostly because there hoping they can get away with it and rely on there name from the previous film. or they really think a movie about a black dude who ties up some horny white chick to a chain will be big bussiness.
Anyway yeah I don't know if this is really a good movie. i kinda think i need to watch it again. But on the first viewing this movie is just plain odd. the kind of odd that is really nice but can be relayed on too much.
Craig Brewer is a very intresting director and I'll probably see everything else he puts out as well. This is the kind of second film that you get from a name director. I don't know if Brewer is there yet but I feel like he will be one day.
Sam Jackson is really good in this. All his stuff with the guitar was very natural and man those scenes worked very very well. Christina Ricci and Justin Timberlake also give good performances as well.
See Craig Brewer is really good with actors. man i cna't wait to see more from this guy. but i hope it's a better movie next time.
Really this movie is only ok but intresting enough that you can say its good.


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