Monday, March 30, 2009

NEW nockFORCE QUICKIE and Never say never again

effnocka and FUCKFORCE are just chillin at home mindin' their own business when suddenly... FRATBOYS!

end theme made with my brother Joe Boi of the Filipino Kings

for more frat boys go to

i didn't really get to watch tv sorry kids. quickie took too long

This is the last Bond movie I had never seen. This is not an offical bond movie. As it was made without the bond producers and studio. However since then the film is not owned by the same studio as james bond. but go figure why it's not offical now.
This also came out the same year I was born and the same year as another bond movie. Octopussy. This is better the Octopussy by alot.
As a Connery bond film this maybe one of his lesser works but thats still not a really bad place to be. He's still really great at being James Bond. so you kinda let the movie get away with too much. i guess you could compare this to diamonds are forever a little. I would say it's the real follow up to for your eyes only.
director Irvin Kershner brought some needed more modern (at the time) film making in a James Bond movie. Using room tone and sound in ways that usually doesn't come out in a bond movie. they also tryed not to shoot it like a normal bond film. I think this maybe one of the better directed bond films. but hey Irvin Kershner did just come off The Empire Strikes Back.
Kim Bassinger is really fucking hot in this movie. she looked alot better 25 years ago. but didn't we all.
Really you should consider this one probably on par with most of the good Moore. so it's good. but maybe the worst connery bond. still it's a good movie and fun to watch. espically since they tryed a different take on how to shoot a bond movie. which by 1983 was really refreshing after sitting through all those Rodger Moores.


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