Thursday, March 26, 2009

Notorious (biggie not hitchcock) and A Hatful of Rain

This is the second bio pic I'm doing in a row. so no bio pics after this. Like most bio pics. Notorious tells us all the stuff we all ready know about that person from watching behind the music. But since Biggie wasn't really around that long it makes it alot easier.
I mean yeah i guess it's a good movie. The guy who played biggie does a good job. He's probably the best thing in the film. Which he should be. He shows biggies strengths and his flaws. something i didn't expect as much. He also was pretty good at the rapping and his voice.
Everyone else in it does what they're supposed to do. But Angela Basset stands out like a sore thumb. She looks and sounds nothing like Biggie's mom. Not at all. In fact I question weather she belongs in this movie. I feel like she brought down the film in alot of parts. then at the end she gets her own little thing jeez that was horriable. For yeah Angela Basset may have worked well in whats love got to do with it. but it didn't work this time. I really wish they hadn't picked a movie star over someone who could have done it better.
Also everyone seems to think lil kim got treated real bad in this film. I disagree. what did she do. I really felt like biggie treated her like utter shit. thats what i came out of the movie thinking. yeah she knew he had a wife and a kid. she was also with him before faith evans. so who's really the bad one. I don't know but i just think biggie came out smelling worse then her.
This movie comes very close to tv movie land. but seems to be able to keep it self out. Really I think this movie works very well. I think it helps when you make a bio pic and you have an end point to get too. Biggies end point works better then say Johnny Cash or Joan Crowford. so in a way this film works better then there films. but maybe just in ending.
Speaking of the ending the little after biggie was dead part should have been cut. with his naration in the film. I believe i was following biggie and the film was about him. then we switch at the end. that was a bad move. why not have him just die and thats it. I don't need an explanation like that. we all know what happened. if your gonna see notorious then you probably know a few things about that.
If you don't like rap or biggie. yeah you might like this movie. it is a good movie. not a great movie. not something i would buy. but i liked it and i had a good time. hell it was better then benjamin button. I told the story the best way it could. it may sometimes make you go really but the good in this film out weights the bad by so much that i kinda let it go.

well ok except the very end. man did that blow.

From the director who brough us From Here to Eternity and High Noon. This movie was a big deal for the time because it delt with herion addication. It's about a former solider in the korean war. who was injured in battle. then while in the hospital gets addicated in morphine. and when he comes back to new york gets into herion. Then his dad comes to town while this herion addicated son owes alot of money to this drug dealer called Mother. yeah Mother.
For real the druge dealer is called Mother. he also has a bunch of funny cliched crownies. I really liked them. I mean sure silly. but come on Mother. how did he get that name. it reminds me of the space ghost episode where they fought a villian called your mother. and then space ghost would go you are not. Really the drug dealers are great.
As for the rest of the movie. it works kinda well. it's just all the herion withdrawl stuff seems a bit forced. I mean how come he just doesn't seem to have it one minute then freaks out the next. and lots of people don't know but he apprently does tons of herion. i mean arn't people gonna realise why he's sick or all the shouting he's doing while he's doing these freak out.
Sure this movie is cliched but i kinda like the cliche for the most part. the ending got a bit much and i was kinda like for real. we're gonna do that. shit man. I like the idea of this movie. and i like the movie itself. but i know this does have flaws. this was probably the more mainstream herion movie. i've heard of others at the time. It's sad to say cause i think the director was better then this movie. but hey it still works. it's just a little movie feeling. and not in a good way all the time but not completely a bad way either.


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