Thursday, March 12, 2009

After Hours and The Yes Men

I honestly forgot how good this movie is. I guess this is the anti Scorsese Scorsese movie. The main character is hardly like any of the characters De niro would play in the previous decade of Scorsese films. It's really like a coo movie.
It's kinda funny now to thing of soho as a dangerous area but I think the movie holds up for being kind of a piece of the mid 80's.
It's like the kind of thing that really moves. like the whole time you never notice how fast it's going it has a sort of energy to it. that keeps going and going like a freight train or something.
Rosanna Arquette is totally fucking hot in this movie and i guess i forgot how hot she was at the time.
Griffin Dunne plays a really good beta male main character. I guess he could be unlikely in a way but i really like how kinda pathetic he is.
It's also shot and made very very well made. as any Scorsese film was at the time and continues to be.
This movie is just awesome and i really suggest you see it.

This was one of the many poltical documentaries made in 2004. all though Fahrenheit 9/11 might be better made. I think this is a better movie. I also think it's soul is in a better place.
We follow this group called the yes men as they impressanate the world trade organization at various events to hillarious results.
I guess this in a way is a more political minded jackass or borat. I don't know if it works as well as those. this mearly works as a kinda smart poltical funny documentary. there's nothing that is just funny.
But maybe thats also the point. There not just doing it for laughs but i think it could have been maybe funnier. sure this movie is good and it is funny that there saying all the silly stuff. and people believe it's the WTO. Thats basically the movie.
Really i think the only worth while documentary of this whole 2004 political documentary thing is the corperation. This is kinda of a lesser film in compersion to what the corperation accomplished. I also think Fahrenheit 9/11 isn't really worth much of your time and either cause it passed it experaton date in november 2004. if you like history see that but really just see the corperation it does a better job at what these are two were doing.


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