Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rock 3 and The Bandwagon

When it comes to sequals the third film is usually the worst one. Back to the Future 3, Spiderman 3, and X-Men 3. This film doesn't belong in that categorey. As bullshit as they movie is. It works cause it knows it's bullshit. I'm sure Stalone never thought that he was making an empire strikes back or anything. He was making Rocky 3 and he made probably the best Rocky 3 you could make.
Now do I think this movie is good. Yeah for what it is it's fucking awesome. You know whats gonna happen it's a cliche and everything but it's fun. Also it's shot like it's a commercial from the 80's. Apprently Stalone wanted to be shot like a press thing cause in this film Rocky is such a star. Stalone wanted it to show the lack of privacey a celebrity has. While I don't know if that entirely worked. Having a big bullshit movie shot like a big bullshit commercial works very well.
Having Rocky go up against this aragant Mr. T was awesome. I liked Mr. T. He kinda reminded me of 50 cent. Cause even though you know he can totally kick ur ass. You also know he's kinda dumb.
The plot works so abc like that when we got to the end I saw it coming and it didn't mean much but the journey to get there was well worth it. If you wanna have fun and see a stupid bullshit movie this may be one of the best bullshit stupid movies. also i think one of the best part 3's of all time. but think of it's competition you know.

America had changed alot from the early 30's to the early 50's. Fred Astaire is usually thought of as a star of the early 30's with his 7 films with Ginger Rodgers. I in fact recently watched Top Hat. But this film is more about Astaire trying to stay current after 20 years.
Yeah things had changed but he gets into sometimes change isn't all good. When his two musical writer friends write an amazing show for him. Then bring it to the big director at the time. Who has 3 shows going on at once. one starring himself. He wants to change the idea of Fred Astaire (or his alter ego in the film).
I really like this film it might be one of the best musicals of all time. Even though Fred Astaire does do stuff you've never seen him do before he still does some amazing dance sequences that hark back to his glory days.
Vincent Minelli does a great job directing this film. He often uses the entire frame. This is probably a frustrating film to watch in full screen. also the colors are beautiful. if you like that early 50's techincolor look. it's here. i really think it's marvelous.
They also do an intresting thing with the third act but I'm not spoiling that. I thnk this is one of the more intresting musicals. Not just with the songs but how it's made. I've seen Minelli's Gigi and I think this is probably a superior film. If you really like musicals you'll love but if you love movies and know about musicals you'll like it more check it out.


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