Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oscar Predications and stuff

So i'm gonna go through ever categorey and tell you who i think will win and maybe sometime who should win stuff like that. i'm not gonna talk about snubs cause i all ready did that.
I'm not gonna get in to the whole oscars don't matter anymore thing. Cause really in some ways they never mattered. Do you know who was nominated against the wizard of oz. no but you know the wizard of oz. people are what make a movie last not awards. They are silly but there the oscars what do you expect.
so yeah predications and stuff.


Do I really even need to write this one. we all know Slumdog Millionaire is such a lock it's almost pointless to have a predication for this categorey. Milk is probably the best film of the bunch and wish would win but really it's only going to Slumdog. The other 3 are just kinda filler. benjamin button goes beyond that a little but not by enough to win this.


This is the part where I write about how Sean Penn is gonna win. Then on my post on Monday I will talk about the big suprise was when Mickey Rourke wins. We all know he's gonna win. first off he's never even been nominated. he also has the best oscar story which seems to help alot. Sean Penn does have a chance and his performance was defently good enough to get it. But Rourke has won like everything at this point. Frank Langella will not win for the old guy vote. that hasn't been true in like forever. stop believing that bullshit. When was the last time that happened. really when oh wait I know when Jack Nicholson won in 97. That was 12 fucking years ago. quit it. really your theory blows get a new one.
Brad Pitt shouldn't be there and Richard Jenkins probably either but i don't mind him as much.


This used to be the Kate Winslet award. but then Meryl Streep got some buzz. so it's between these two. I think Kate Winslet will pretty much get it. She's never won this is the 6th time she's been nominated so i really think this is her year. But Streep has been nominated 11 times since the last time she won. This would give her a third oscar. so it really could happen but she has two and Kate Winslet doesn't. Nobody else has a shot. if your sooo indie you might say Anne Hathaway. that's cute but yeah no not gonna happen.


The Heath Ledger Award for best supporting Heath Ledger in a Heath Ledger film is oooooooo shock Heath Ledger. yeah that's it. those other guys don't even have a chance. there are all really good nominees but no one will get this but him.


The only acting categorey that could go any way. first both Amy Adams and Taraji P. Henson arn't gonna win. so it's between 3 people. Viola Davis did a really great amazing scene. However it was one scene but she still have enough buzz that it's possiable. Then Marisa Tomei who would get validation for everyone saying she shouldn't have won that other oscar in the first place if she won this. that is a really nice oscar story and i kinda think this might be it for her. but then their's Penélope Cruz. who is the favorite. it really could happen and maybe she does have the best chance. This one is the suprise categorey. Probably Penelope Cruz will win but it's not for sure.


of all these guys Gus van sant should win but it's gonna probably go to Danny Boyle. Cause he probably won't be there again. David Fincher has a bit of a shot but if he didn't make a movie that sucked so bad he might have a better shot. the other two well good luck but yeah Danny Boyle


This used to be a lock for Wall e then Kung fu Panda won the annie for best picture. The annie winner has been the same as the oscar for this categorey all but one time. Really i kinda think Wall e can still do it. But if it doesn't the animation industry just shot itself in the foot. Cause if Wall e wins more then 2 it's won more oscars then any other animated film ever. So we'll have to see but Wall e still has a really good chance.


This award often goes to a really well written movie. Also a well written one that is nominated in alot of categories but isn't going to win best picture. So yeah Milk is really the favorite here. But hold on Wall e is also up. Now your probably thinking yeah right jim. ok ok. listen Wall e has gotten even more press recently for being robbed of a best picture nomination then ever before. Wall e is really the only other film it could go too. Everything else is not as recognisable. so i don't think In Bruges, Frozer River, or happy go lucky even have a chance.


Benjamin button would have won this but the script is what pisses people off the most. not cause it kind blows but because it rips off forest gump from the guy who wrote forest gump. so yeah. I actually really like the doubt script and could see that happening. I really can but most likely it will be Slumdog millionaire. actually i would really like doubt to win but it's gonna be slumdog.


I'm sure Dark knight will win but let me tell you something about this categorey. Rodger Detkins is considered by many to be the greatest cinematographer living. He's been nominated 8 times and twice last year. So I really think he could win for the reader. should he win. well he should have won last year for no country for old men. but he has a shot. most likely Dark Knight.


This is between Dark Knight and Slumdog. Dark Knight has a good shot but I think Slumdog will take it. just cause. also the editor of Slumdog is really fucking good. he also editied Hot Fuzz. so i kinda want him to win. but yeah it's between those 2. how frost/nixon got in there is beyond me.


Really i don't know dick about this but I could see this going to Dark knight but I could see an upset for The Duchess.


I wish and hope milk will win cause they did a really dam good job. also I'm sick of old costume movies winning. oh yeah and i think The Duchess will probably win this one.


This one is really up in the air. Seriously this is could go anyway. it's the suprise categorey. You have Hellboy which most likely has very little chance of winning with amazing make up for most of the film. Then The Dark Knight has the joker make up. which is the most famous make up of the bunch. but then Benjamin Button with the most nominations and probably the make up most people really love. so we'll see probably benjamin button but really tough categorey.

BEST Original Score

is it slumdog or wall e. well wall e has a good shot and in a regular year it would but Slumdog's music was something people really remembered so Slumdog will get it.

Slumdog has two and Wall e has one. Slumdog has a shot but Wall e has an old rockstar. old rockstars usually win. sorry M.I.A.


normally this goes to a live action film and i would tell you Dark Knight would win. Well that would be true if Wall e didn't have Ben Burtt. who is that you asked well he did sound for fucking STAR WARS. yeah you know that light saber sound he came up with that shit. yeah he did. he also did the sound for All the star wars and all the indiana jones. in addition to that his sound was so good for both Raiders and Star Wars they gave him special oscars. this movie showed him off. there is no way they will give this to the dark knight. also a major factor is that wall e has a large part with no dialouge just good sound.


Wall e will win for the same reason Ben Burtt. Iron man and dark knight might give it some competition but really when you think of good sound editing this year. it's Wall e


everybody says Benjamin button. i kinda agree but Iron man has kinda better effects. but it's most likely Benjamin Button.


Waltz with Bashir will win and be the first animated film to win in this categorey. The class has a shot but it's waltz with bashir. expect it to happen.


Man on wire is the favorite but documentary is a weird categorey. so expect something crazy. but really man on wire has too much buzz not to win expect that one.


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