Tuesday, February 17, 2009

hud and you only live twice

For everyone that wanted to see Paul Newman act like a jerk boy do i have a movie for you. About kinda battling traditions but mostly kinda about the end of one way and the begining of another. I think this film was really good. Amazingly well shot. using the west in a really pretty way.
First off I wanna say this is not a western sure it takes place in the west but it takes place in like the 50's or something. just cause they wear cowoby hats doesn't mean shit. they have cowboy hats in midnight cowboy but nobody calls that a western.
But in a way it is too cause it does use the changing of time. something that westerns loved using. showing how there days were numbered. but really this isn's a western.
Everyone is very good in it. It's intresting to watch Paul Newman make so many intresting choices for the characters body language. i think he pretty much steals the show. so much so that i only remember the girl in it.
I think this is a good movie not sure if it'll set the world on fire. but i don't think it has that big of a reputation anymore. it is good and if you want a good drama in black and white. i would go here.

Ok let me blow ur mind for a second. Not every Sean Connery bond is amazing. there i said it. sure ok the first 3 are pretty much the best and nobody is ever gonna argue that. but this one isn't up to par.
However it's not as bad as some of the worst bond films. It's not even Connery's worst. The one thing he does have is that he can play bond better then anyone else. and if Rodger Moore had done this movie it would have been alot worse.
I can understand why Connery left cause he said it was more about the gadgets. I agree it kinda looses it with all the look at this crap he has. That might be really really intresting in like a photo book or something but this is a movie. and in a movie that totally sucks.
It does have all the coo special effects and nothing dated like Thunderball. It still holds up.
I mean I don't know this wasn't the connery I love in fact I would say Diamonds are Forever is better. this just wasn't as coo. if you really like bond and want a good one with little substance see this movie you'll have fun.


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