Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Let the right one in and the prinicpals office

Every now and then i see a film and I'm honestly not sure what to do with. Frankly I'm not very well versed in Swedish cinema as I would like. However this is a great film. and having seen it a couple times at this point I have to say it's one of the best films of the year.
It's very well shot. probably one of the best shot horror films since the shinning. Cinematograpy is really beautiful. using the camera as more of the story teller then the script. They always find an intresting way to get the scene across.
It's a dark movie we follow the main character Oscar in a very dark and depressing early 80's swedan. As then becomes friends with Eli a new girl who moves into his apartment building who is a vampire.
thats all I'm really gonna tell you but I think thats all you need to know. If you havn't seen this you really need too. It's an amazing movie. Unforently usually horror films arn't this moody and creepy anymore. But at the same time this film takes on adolesence too.
I know since this came out around the same time as Twilight and every likes to say this is the adult vampire movie. that's fucking bullshit. this is a great vampire movie. I think kids would like it. It might be too honest for some of them. which is whats great about it. It's also quiet in way you don't always get to see from a horror film.
Just honestly this is a great movie go see it. seriously just go see it. I've honestly gotten a little obsessed about this film. Really it's great wonderful. if you can't find in theaters defently pick it up on dvd. I'll probably buy it like the day it comes out.
Also it's really swedish. seriously how often can you say you saw a swedish vampire movie and it was amazing and awesome. one of the best cinematic experinces around. seriously see this movie.

this relates to let the right one in. It's the review from at the movies. all though they agree it's a good movie. Ben Lyons a bitch boy tool of a man decides to talk about how great it'll be when they remake it.

This probably the oddest reality show on tv. It's like cops except you follow a principal around dealing with high school kids. some of them are normal people who are principals. other are people who i kinda think just wanted to be prinicpals cause they really really like power.
regardless it's a pretty entertaining show moslty cause it's ridcolous.
The kids also help cause the pick kids who will fail miserably in front of the principal. most of them have pretty lame excuses. which is as funny as hearing a 15 year old actually saying it in real life.
The show is alot like cops cause they make the principal usually look pretty good. so it's some where between propaganda and a reality show. which i think is a fun and intresting mix.


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