Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Benjamin Button and ladies and gentlemen the faboulous Stains

I've heard two different views on this movie is sucks or it's good. well honestly I don't think either is true. it's some where in between. This really wants to be a great film but much like Forest Gump before simply wanting to be doesn't always actually work. So watching this film I knew what I was getting into. This is big long 3 hour epic showing someones whole life movie. Really I don't always like these kinda films. I mean sure when there great but this wasn't great.
Which is odd cause David Fincher's previous film Zodiac was amazing. Unforently he didn't artistically follow it up. This is kinda a step down and if he hadn't directed alien 3 I would say this was is worst film.
But as your watching it your just have to either go with it or kick your feet the whole film. really just go with it. It's not that bad and all the naraitive and film choices work. I mean sure there not amazing but it works as a film. Thats something this movie has it works for what it is. so you could say yeah it works. but as a film i'll probably never see it again. I would probably watch it over Frost/Nixon but thats like a sophie's choice situation.
Also Brad Pitt was not really all that great in the film. Sure he did what he did for the film. and it worked but like the film itself never got out of that. I think he was better in burn after reading. Cate Blanchett was good.
Really ok yeah i liked it more then Forrest Gump but i think that movie sucks. I don't know I really wanted this movie to be good. back when it was gonna come out. but it was bland. It does work so i would say see this over frost/nixon. but if you havn't seen milk or slumdog millionaire then see those over this.
Also David Fincher is a better director then this film even shows. So I would reccomend renting Fight Club, Seven, or Zodiac. All 3 are better. So if you wanna see this fine it works it does but that's not that great of a thing. Kinda like getting straight A's in summer school.

Can I just say I enjoy doing the older movie review more then the new movie review. so seriously usually it's a better film too and it's cheaper.

I've watched this twice. it's pretty coo.
I don't know just thought I'd start that way. One of my problems with women and film is that most movie for women are chick flicks and not much else. This is a great film for women and about women. It's a about an all girl punk rock band in 1981 and tryed to kinda do 80's punk. awesome.
But then they get super big and all that. the bands big selling point is that they say on stage "They don't put out". You see them grow with there status as a band and mature both artistically and emotionally. Really coo how they let the characters grow. Also there songs are coo too.
The movie moves through there fame and you actually hear them getting better as a band. The girls are all charismatic. I think if we had a bunch of hot chicks doing this and they all jumped around and stuff this movie wouldn't have worked. I mean sure there still hot but it's not about that. But with young Diane Lane and Laura Dern it's really sold.
If you like punk i highly recommend this movie. if you don't you'll still like it. I've heard it's called a cult film. not sure whats so cult about it. maybe it's availablty. but i think this would be great for young girls. I really do i think women would dig this. hell i dig it. I've watched it late saturday nite twice in a row and i think i will again. it's good.
It's also refreshing to see a film about a subject matter nobodies done. an all girl punk band dealing with rising fame and them selves growing with that. This isn't a lame cult girl band movie. sure it's not oscar stuff but it's alot of fun.
I can almost see myself sitting in someones basement in baltimore with alot of beer in a smoke filled room watching this movie


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