Friday, January 30, 2009

Beauty and The Beast work in progress cut and the man with the golden gun

There are alot of different cuts of films out there but the Beauty and The Best work in progress cut is in a class of it's own. Of course There are very few alternative cuts of animated films and probably none except this one that is out on dvd. Making this a very unique and intresting cut to see.
It's really beauitful to watch. about 30% is storyboards, animatics and ruffer animation. I really liked watching it cause it shows the animation process. I can't tell how many times when i talk about animation production people think I'm crazy but it's hard then just drawing some crap on paper. Espically with a disney film theres alot of testing. It was really fun to watch this in the cut.
I think this is both a very good educational film and great for just lovers of animation. It's really in a class of it's own. I've seen this cut several times and everytime i like it more and more.
Beauty and the Beast itself i know is considered over rated but it's probably the best film of the disney renisance or as i like to call it the disney new wave. It's classical like an old hollywood movie. However it's slightly not as fun cause it was the 90's and they had to be more pc and such. But that doesn't hur the film enough to ruin it. It's just a kind of great film.
They premeried this work in progress cut at the new york film festival before it's release. letting critics see it before it's national release. which usualy animated films only get shown clse to when there released. many have said this work in progress cut help beauty and the beast be the first and so far only film to get Oscar's best picture nomination. All though I guess I'm not completely sure if this cut got it that nomination. the work in progress cut did start alot of early buzz with critics for the film. Also NO animatiated film has ever done this since. also no animated film has gotten best picture since. so you could say that maybe it did.
I think it might not just be the cut. But i would really love to see a work in progress cut from maybe a Pixar film or a Studio Ghibli. just cause it's fun to watch. also hey why not help up's chances for next years oscars.

This may not be the worst james bond movie but it's pretty close. Really this film should be really happy Day another day was made cause that truely is the worst James Bond film. This isn't really great but it's terrible. but it never really goes anywhere intresting either. It's a good concept. a assaisn hired to kill james bond. really I think this would be a great concept for a Daniel Craig Bond film. It sounds coo. but they never do anything intresting.
they even have christopher lee but he does nothing coo. he just kinda hangs out and has a third nipple or something. dam i don't know.
Rodger Moore gives his probably worst performance I've seen by anyone playing Bond. For some reason in this one he doesn't act coo and awesome. He acts like some know it all private school kid who gets moody and really likes Tom Clancey or something. yeah i know. he even starts slapping a girl. now the whole abusing girls thing aside. slapping your fucking james bond why are you suddenly such a bitch. He even gets turned down. but since he's being such a bitch you really side with her. really i think worst performance of James Bond I have ever seen.
But the midget butler was kinda neat and quirky and if this movie used him better it would be awesome. he's the midget from fantasy island. but they kinda use him as a joke in this film.
Now there are some parts that are neat. if this movie was playing at a party with the sound down. it would be kinda neat. but i think only then. there are intresting sets and it's shot well but as a movie it just never goes far enough it's almost containted to just suck.
Also the golden gun was a serious let down. if your gonna name your movie after a gun that gun had better be sweet. not look like something some kid made in his garage with gold spray paint. seriously lame. i think the golden gun in goldeneye for the n64 was better.
Really this is a good concept even the golden gun would be coo if it was made better. it's almost like there is a good movie some where in there but it never comes out unforently. i read alot of people think this one should be re done. i agree cause it's a good idea. you could even use some of the same locations just use them better.
It's John Waters idea of if your gonna remake something you should make it better then the original. well the bar is pretty low. so i think it can be done and i hope so. really you don't need to see this one


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