Tuesday, January 27, 2009

doubt and atomic cafe

Want proof that the oscars should have nominated dark knight, wall e, and bruce springsteen among others. Well moviegoers seem to agree that they should have
and on another note nielsen, the people who bring you the tv ratings charts, came out with a study on viewership for the oscars. Turns out most people onyl watch there's amovie that was a big hit check it out here

Doubt is a movie that really doesn't spell anything out for you. I left with alot of questions which for an ordinary film i would tell you that, the movie sucked. however this movie uses it to it's advantage. You may not know why we focus on this person or that person. but the main plot is clear.
This movie is about a time when men could get away with really anything. espically in the church. While the women have to work under them. This brings up alot about idenity in this film.
But also and most importantly this film is about dealing with something the best way you can. Which is by just letting it go or realizing thats really as far as i can go with this. I did my best. I know that might not be the best thing but it's all I can do.
It's really a big thing. like not everything we do is handled in the best way. It's simply the best we can and often things are not handled well but we have to keep going. That's essentially Doubt.
Meryl Streep does another amazing performance and I think makes up for mama mia. How she is able to use her voice and body to bring the story to life is amazing. it's no wonder she has 15 oscar nominations. Really if she won i wouldn't be that upset but it is kate winslets year.
Amy Adams is really good as well and it's almost like the part is written for her acting talents. She's always good at playing sweet innocent characters in kinda dark movies.
Philip Seymour Hoffman acts his ass of as usual. and seeing scenes with him and streep is really a high light of any year. He plays such a jerkie priest. He uses his acting for sermons and really brings it home as a preacher.
Viola Davis probably has the best scene in the whole movie. and really brings it so you can have the great scene we need at that point in the film. She only really has one scene but it's the scene that counts.
Also Rodger Dietkins uses the camera in a way that only he can. Using framing from late 50's films. Combining both the film language at the time the film takes place and todays film language. all though he doesn't do it as much as in a film like Zodiac. It still is an very well shot film.
I reccomend this film. It's not as much awards fluff as like something like frost/nixon. It's kinda coo so check it out.

If your some sort of film going pussy you won't see this film. you'll probably see all the new movies on my blog and you probably won't see this. and that's fine it's ok with me that the person reading this is still a film going pussy. have fun with frost/nixon pussy.

anyway sorry i've been wanting to do that for like a year.
Atomic cafe is a documentary but it plays with the medium. I don't think any of the footage was shot by the film makers. It's all old footage from when the atomic age was starting. Kinda of showing the problems and how much they kinda all ready knew through the footage. It's both terrifying and hillarious.
Some of that old footage was kinda funny on it's own but also some of it's horrifying. by showing the real results of some of the bomb. and how scary it is using all those bombs. I didn't know people though they could turn earth off it's axis.
This movie makes you think about these huge bombs. Why are we making them how crazy it is that we think that they won't hurt us if we do some stupid crap. really it scared the shit of me. It's a really good movie and has maybe one of my favorite end credit sequences.
This movie is challenging cause there is no narrator. There is no focus point on a person. But it is about a subject. It might kinda confuse what it's doing but it's really worth check it out.


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