Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Great Escape and Seven brides for seven brothers

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the great escape is like the perfect adventure film. it has awesom action sequences tons of cool characters. I mean Steve McQueen and Charles Bronson in one movie. also it's alot of un to sit through. Espically for the time. I think in 1963 they were probably losing there shit over this movie. Spiderman was created the same year this came out. That's how old this movie is but it doesn't feel it at all. It could have been made last week or something.
Thats really what suprised me the most about The Great Escape. Even though it's almost 3 hours in legnth it never gets slow enough to really bore you to tears. It stays on a very good pace.
Also for a film about as many characters as this film is. It never gets to much. Which is a hard thing to accomplish. There's no real main character. Steve Mcqueen i guess is maybe but not really. There so many different plot lines going on nobody really takes the lead.
All the plot lines work so well organically that you don't have a problem with any of them. They just flow so well.
Obviously this is a huge budget big film but as an action adventure big budget huge film it's really good. Steve Mcqueen obviously steals the show. Also with his awesome motorcycle sequence which is even funnier to watch knowing that Mcqueen plays both himself and the guy chasing him. so he's actually chasing himself. all though the awesome jump was not done by him. But that was a crazy shoit. seriously i know everyone talks about that scene but he does a hell of a job on a motocycle.
To be honest there are also great stuff from James Garner and Richard Attenbourgh and James Coburn and well everyones got a good sequence. saying one is better is like being at a 5 star restaurant or something. yeah the main course is the best but everything else was amazing too. Sure this movie isn't deep or anything but it's a great movie and if you've never seen it. It would be a fun evening or whenever. just check it out

To say this musical is dated is just frankly stating the obvious. It's western musical what decade do you think it's from. but this film does have some great techinval achievements and also it's a pretty good musical.
All the musical numbers are done with very few cuts. It looks like it was a very physically hard film to make. Most musicals used a alot more cuts during dance and song sequences. This makes the actors have to be able to do some stuff they usually have to do I guess in an action movie now.
Stanely Donen also decided to use the entire screen. It's a film that really has to be in widescreen cause you miss alot. in fact some shots I don't know how they could do a pan and scan. Even the barn dance scene was pretty much made for widescreen.
The color lookis very pretty. They uses alot of colors that are really silly and completly unrealistic but they look so good in techincolor you almost don't care.
I don't think any of the men gave really great performances. Jane Powell really holds this film together. She almost is in a different league from the rest of the cast. I don't think the male actors were very strong but they do what they need to do.
The way they use music in this film is intresting. It almost takes up the whole film and is used more to move the plot along then have a character moment. I think they realised this wasn't the right musical for that and just made the music the plot. Which also makes the music more intresting to watch as a viewer. cause you have to or you'll be lost.
I do like some of the songs and musical numbers. but I can imagine this would be a hard one for some people to get through. If you love musicals I think you'll have fun with this one if you just like film i think there is something for you to take away too.


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