Wednesday, January 14, 2009

django and the big store

if all you know about speghetti westerns are clint eastwood movies. Then you should see this movie. Cause it's probably the most fun speghetti western I've seen. But not as fun as pale rider. well actually it's kinda different kinda fun cause Django is like fun cult violent stuff. Pale Rider is a little more mainstream fun.
First off Django is a bad ass. He has a sweet theme song. and carries around a coffin. yeah i said a fucking coffin. who does that. nobody well ok nobody but motherfucking django. Seriously don't fuck with Django.
God this movie was sweet.
There's a part where they catch a spy. Then they cut his ear off and make him eat it. fucking awesome. granted that had nothing to do with the character Django but let me assure you that he is bad fucking ass and he probably would do something like that.
It does have bad dubbing cause most speghetti westerns weren't filmed with sound so the directors could yell stuff at them while filming.
Also it's a great combination of the itlain western and the acid western. I even could feel some Johnny Guitar in there.
If you wanna see a volient cult western and you have never seen Django then not only have you like never lived but you should also this this. also Django is the shit

To be honest this isn't the marx brothers best. There were some funny gags and there was some kinda nice performances but i really wasn't feeling this. I mean I like the marx brothers. duck soup and a night at the opera those were great but this is defently a lesser film.
I mean the premise is a little forced they run a store. wow I'm really intrested in that one. I guess in the marx brothers filmography this is like yes man or something. Cause obviously the better days were behind them and they wanted to still make money so why not throw something together and even use stuff they've all ready done. Does it make it a bad movie. well not totally but it doesn't make it intresting or that much fun.
Your with the marx brothers so it's not so bad but i would see the prime stuff first.
sorry marx brothers I wasn't feelin this one as much.


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