Monday, January 05, 2009

Top Ten TV SHOWS of 2008

well i finally got a list out. the best show of 2008. I hope you like it. I mean it's according to me so i think you know what you're getting in to. so one down. also this year i'm gonna put other shows i considered but didn't make it.

Runners up:
It's always sunny is philadephia
The Bridge
Video music box
Nevermind the buzzcocks
Conan (during the strike only)
The daily show
Drinky Crow
Doctor Who

10. Yo Gabba Gabba

I really into this show this year. Really to me it's like the straight Wonder Showzen and might end up being a better show as whole.
It has awesome music and really i think it would be fun for a kid. all though i don't actually know cause i've never watched it with kids

9. King of the HIll

This maybe the last full year of king of the hill I will put on a top 10 list but it sure was a good enough show that is deserves it. Very few shows animation or live action stay this good for this long and it's a miracle that we got so much quality from it. Still a great show

8. Squidbillies

I feel like you can kinda forget how good this show is. Seriously a really funny show. The voice acting is really funny and the quality of episodes is always good. I think every single episode was on par. and even lived up to it's previous seasons.

7. Friday night Lights

So the show has never been as good as the first season. And the second season wasn't perfect but all the third season episode I have seen I think at least have been a good improvement. The cast is great and watching Tim Riggins over and over again is truly awesome. seriously thought Tim Riggins. man that guy is awesome no joke.

6. Colbert Report

The strike episodes may have been ruff but the rest of the year he still managed to be the best late nite show on tv. Leaving behind the daily show's liberal prechieness the colbert report is just great at being funny and i really love watching it. Espically Stephen Colbert.

5. metalocalypse

This season had alot of breaks but everyone one left me going woo. From the metal refferences to fitzceraldo. man. The music also. This is one the of the few shows that knows what it is exactly and does give a fuck. which is pretty metal. This show works real well. I love the backgrounds and the stages. truely awesome.

4. Superjail

Seriously the craziest show on Tv. The design and animation is among the best around and the whole idea of it is awesome. Some of the shots in this show blow you away and then keep going. Something that you really have to see. also it's all done in brooklyn.

3. Free Radio

A show about a intern that took over for a big shock jock and then his interm show became a big hit. I really like Lance Krall and everyone on this show. The whole celebrity guest thing reminds me of space ghost except if they could talk back a little. Also Brian Husky is really awesome too.

2. Venture Brothers

Probably the ballest season I've ever season for an animated show. With episode barely featuring main characters and going into back stories. Honestly it kinda reminded me of a season of the wire or something. probably the riskest season on adult swim this year.

1. The Wire

The final season of the wire may not have been there best season but it was still really great. David Simons show may go down as one of the best of the decade and every season is proof of the that. Everything that happens and probably the best acted and written show on tv bar none. if you havn't seen this show seriously go from season one its worth it.


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