Tuesday, December 30, 2008

diamonds are forever

In my continuing quest to see every James Bond movie ever made last nite I watched diamonds are forever. All thought this isn't the best connery bond it's probably the most fun and has coo action sequences. I can see however if you like Dr. No and from russia with love how this one looks a bit goofy. And yeah your right but it does a better job then most Rodeger Moore I've seen. I would actually put this in my top Bond movies. I even liked it more Then Thunderbolt.

I was also suprised how influencial this film is. The final battle I swear i could see star wars and return of the jedi stuff in there. so who knew. But James Bond was the first kind blockbuster film event. That would later influence George Lucas and Speilberg.

Anyway this movie is alot of fun. if you wanna see a good stupid fun movie get this.

Also the theme song is coo but i think i like the kanye version better.


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