Monday, December 29, 2008

kung fu panda

SO i saw Kung fu Panda recently. And it is the best Dreamworks animated film ever. But it's competition was the first shrek and the first madagascar so it's not like thats a huge accomplishment or anything.
This also there prettiest looking film in terms of color and character design. and even voice acting. probably the least annoying Jack Black performance of all time.
As a good cartoon family film this film works and works well. it does pretty much how a movie about panda who knows kung fu would go. and if you wanna see a family film about a panda who knows kung fu i would see this film. in fact this might be the best animal kung fu movie. but thats just cause there is no hong kong fuie movie. so they win by default.

as a sidenote alot people wanna say this is a better film the wall e.
no having seen both. i have to say that well THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU this is like the biggest no brainer ever wall e is not a little better. it is like in another league. all the ideas and shots and acting in walle is so much superior to kung fu panda it's almost laughable to compare them.
We've had great film year and animation is having a good year as well. however this reminds me of 1999. when the iron giant, princess monokee, south park, and tarzan came out in the same year. several critics put tarzan over those films. that was really a shame cause despite a few coo shots tarzan is not ever half of what those 3 other films achieved. some times i really feel people would rather be alternative then have the smarts to realize that in 20 years you will look like an asshole and stupid. so have fun with.

listen i'm sorry but that just is dumb see wall e first you can get around to kung fu panda.


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