Friday, December 12, 2008

Bad Ronald

This has to be one of the best tv-movies of all time. or at least a fun one to watch. The plot is good enough alone to be it's own film. Ronald kills a girl so his mom and him make a secret room in the house were Ronald stays until it all dies down. Then his mom goes in for surgery she says she'll be back a week but dies. So then her family sells the house but ronald is still inside. They sell the house to a new family. Which Ronald watches and stuff. yeah creepie. he also makes this weird fantasy land thing too. it just fun doesn't stop.
I've read people calling the main character in some of the movie a living ghost when he's lving in the house with this other family. that's pretty true. also an awesome band name. now i'm wondering what type of band the living ghost would be. maybe metal. or like a joy divison rip off band. (insert interpol joke here) or mayeb like an electronic kinda band. actually yeah they would be kinda electronic and sing about past relantionships of something. man that band well ok that band is lame but still.
Anyway it's a good fun tv-movie horror film. It's both a b-movie and an intresting movie all at the same time. really just that this film exists is pretty remarkable. just cause it really can't make up it's mind how bad it is. A nosey neighbor character is serously b-movie but then the other actors can carry it alot better. I'm not sure what they thought they were doing with this but the result is great. I have no clue how easy it is to get this. but if you can it's worth it.

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