Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Slumdog millionaire and this other thing

Often times on this blog i write these little review things and i say this person will like it. frankly i think almost anyone will like this movie. If this movie does become a dark horse oscar thing that would be coo. It works very very well.
And shit does this thing move. Like really not even sure what the run time is but it felt like 60 minutes or something. It grabs your attention.
It's also the kinda movie I'm sure some kid will have to watch in high school english class because some well meaning english teahcer will play it cause it's easy to get into. and cause he can be like look i'm liberal there's foreigners in this movie. that isn't a diss cause you had to read great gatsby in high school and that was good.
This is the kinda movie that your mom will like and your grandma will like and you will like. and thats coo. we need stuff like this. it helps the theaters and it's just good in general to have it around. anyway i recomend this movie. it's real good it will probably make my top ten but this month has so much stuff who the hell knows.

Hey so was anybody wondering about those Jetsons paintings in the kanye west heartless video. were the eyes are xed out well apprently there is somebody doing that to various cartoon characters look down at pharrel.


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