Tuesday, December 02, 2008

atonement and new cletus

so i saw this movie. took me a while.
If it was 1997 this movie would be awesome. Partly cause most films made about a story that took place long ago. Was like the English Patient way too long and boring. But the makers of atonement were like what if we made that movie with over an hour to spare. Thats basically atonement.
It does it's best to bring good film making to a film that would normally have been bland. Having a really impressive tracking shot. Also using neat editing with nice visuals.
It's almost like they knew the limitations for this kind of film and said well fuck this. I think this film works really well. However it's almost too late for this film. Had it come out 10 years ago it would have won best picture. it would have also made a bigger impression with the editing and story telling. However its not and this film doesn't get to do that.
But it is a good movie. not a great movie or anything. But I think if you see it you will admit this was good. maybe good like that was good maybe i'll see it again when tbs plays it in like 2 years. but i'm not gonna go outta my way or anything.

This is defently a good one. I think it has Jackie's best voice acting of the whole series. It was alot of fun to do. Yeah anyway this one is pretty solid just check it out.


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