Wednesday, December 10, 2008

the end of the year is coming

so at the end of every year. all the best of the year stuff comes out. trying to summarise the past year. really most of the lists people don't like and they don't really mean anything. When this year has past we might look at our selections and re do the list. in 1980 alot of people liked ordinary people over raging bull. yeah people thought that.wait a minute now. that just hit me again. what the fuck is wrong with you people in 1980. seriously like ordinary people really. did you guys see raging bull cause i've seen both and that is such a no brainer. ooo man thats bullshit. still bugs me. ordinary people is a waspy piece of shit. Raging bull is art. nuff said.

See what I mean. So I know right now it might seem like it's a great idea and really thats what the lists are there for just look back at some old ones and you might go whaaaaa.

in other related blog news my tv top 10 would come out now but drinky crow i'm really on the fence about. my albums not gonna happen but maybe something like it. best songs will. best movies i'm closer then i ususally am at this point so we'll see but that one next year.
golden globes nom's are tomorrow.


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