Friday, December 05, 2008

cletus and the punisher

so since the new punisher movie comes out today. I figured I'd give some promotion to the cletus punisher episode. frankly this episode kinda could have ended before melvins stupid rant but whateva.
I made a playlist for it with comic book and movie pardy episodes. well it has other stuff too but mostly those.

also even though i never really liked the punisher i think the movie looks alot better then the last one. and I might even see it. but probably not in theaters and most likely on bootleg with another movie. or maybe like if it was online. yeah well. i do watch alot of movies so there is a good chance i will see it.

anyone remember this man never read it but really the joke ends at the cover


Blogger Jordan said...

of course i remember that...

1:37 AM


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