Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's the end of Newspapers as we know it and i feel fine

So newpapers are done. or so they say but does anyone under 30 care. hey calm down journalism majors. no seriously newspapers like why the fuck would i buy a newspaper. most of them kinda suck. in fact the only paper i really liked was the new york times and that is mostly cause of the really nice movie ads.
they also smell bad and cost money. the internet costs money but it alot nicer and can cater to my target demo really well.
In addition they often only cover there main demo's kinda stories now. almost entirely ignoring others making it kinda like why bother for anyone else.
I don't know like i grew up with the baltimore sun and if that went away. I really wouldn't miss. first off all cause there's allready Usa Today so why buy it's crapp nock off press release instead of real articles art section ass. oo suck my balls.
but really most papers suck and are complete media dinosaurs.
I often wonder when i watch tv how long that will last. all though it's sad we have to move on as a society at a certain point and leave newspapers behind. We have to get the the glory days of people really giving a crap about newspapers is over. cause of the internet. and thats it enough i really enjoy my cup of coffee and newspaper stuff. just end it come on. we know it's over. this like watch someone really really really slowly die. eventually we're all gonna start yelling and be like. oh come just die all ready jeeezzz


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