Friday, January 09, 2009

Beowolf also live and let die

Beowolf I guess isn't completly a bad movie. But it would have been alot better if they made it in live action. It could have been this little 300 rip off thing and it would have worked alot more. or well if it was live action and not like 30 it could have worked. but the ps 2 quality animation they decided to do instead is the biggest problem with the film. It brings the whole film down. And it bothers me cause It could have been alot better but the ugly mo cap just ruined it.
Neil Gaiman did a good job on the script.
The acting works anthony hopkins, john malkovic, and crispin glover. Great fine and in the live action version it would have been alot of fun to watch but seeing these ugly ass character designed that was ruined.
I did get my friend to point out what parts were in 3-d and that looked kinda neat. I'm not gonna lie.
But bottom line there weren't these crazy sets or anythign it mostly took place in the beer hall. so I don't understand when they said it couldn't have been made any other way. Cause 300 had more locations. so like what the fuck. what are we trying to prove. really maybe that this technology isn't ready yet. it looks like when cg wasn't ready to make a film yet. in ten years sure but they just shot there wad too early. If this was just a live action film i might have said it was good but the film i saw is somewhere between bad and ok. Sure the look of a film isn't everything but when your film is this butt ugly what do you want me to say.

also yeah it is the best mo-cap film i've ever seen. Which is below dreamworks in my mind. if you have a choice between this and kung fu panda. kung fu panda. but if a pixar is in there. oh well you get the point.

This movie is really intresting cause they tryed to combine blacksplotation and james bond. too bad James Bond is usually silly and really white. And Blacksplotation trys to be gritty and black. the first half or the first hour doesn't work really. and Roodger Moore looks out of place. espically in harlem. But the second half remembers that James Bond never stays in the same place.
When he leaves new york the film really picks up and Rodger Moore looks alot more comfortable. but connery still kicks his ass.
Yaphey Kotto is a great bond villian and does some of the best acting of any of the villians. but the film makers decided to have him die in a stupid way. shame. he was really great.
Jane Seymour also was a really intresting Bond girl and the coo props and sets they gave her was fun to watch.
Relly this film only half works but you have to get through like an hour of a major studio being like wait black people see movies too. sweet lets do that. if you saw quantum of solace. that was better then this. i know some people like this movie but you need to see it again. doesn't age that well.

I kinda wish connery had accepted the 5 million to do this one cause it would have been alot better

also paul mccarthy's theme song is among the best of the bond theme also the opening credits were coo. so check it out.


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