Thursday, January 08, 2009

Revolutionary Road and Run Silent Run Deep

Sam Mendes returns to subject matter that made him an oscar winner Suburbia. However this time he got his wife and that guy who was in that movie with the boat that made alot of money to star in it. also it takes place in the 50's.
The acting between Dicaprio and Winslet is really excellnt. there both in top form. I really think this is Winslet's year and she could win the Oscar for either this of the reader. She and Dicaprio really portray there characters even down to like body language.
Dicaprio does some great physical stuff and does one of his best perfomances I've seen from him in a while. not that either of these actors have ever sucked. But this film has alot of big acting scenes. the film almost revolves around them killin it. good for sam mendes they did.
Sam Mendes defently knows how to work with actors and this shows this more then any other he has made. but really one of the biggest highlights for me was Rodger Detkins. Who I guess right now is considered the best D.P. alive. which the American Beauty had too. but thats when Conrad Hall was alive.
Really Sam Mendes always gets the best guy to shoot his film. Rodger Detkins does some intresting moves. It's both risky and helps the film extremly. He's really the big star of this.
honestly a great movie and a really risky way to follow up titanic but I think that it shows the growth of both of the actors that they would pick this over like titanic 2 return to the ocean or something.

When you have a movie with Clark Gable and Burt Lancaster it's hard to go wrong. When it's also directed by Robert Wise (sound of music, the day the earth stood still, he also edited Citizen Kane) you know you can't go wrong.
Clark Gable does a great performance almost like he is a old military officer. If you compare this to Bogart's performance in The Canine Muitany Gable looks amazing. However there both great performances.
Clark Gable is an amazing actor. I know he's an icon but there's certainly a reason he got there. I think he really steals the show in this.
But Burt Lancaster was coo too.
It's intresting how dark and sometimes fun Robert Wise makes the sub and the D.P. Russell Harlan (to kill a mockingbird and rio bravo) does some really intresting black and white shots.
in fact it's awesome and almost noirish.
I really suggest this film and my dad gave it to me a while ago but i finally saw it and serously worth and it's a boring sub movie it really moves.

also the screen debute of Don Rickles


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