Tuesday, January 06, 2009

milk and new cletus

Milk is a great movie. Not just a great acting movie or something. but a great movie. Also with great acting. Sean Penn Pulls off a performance that reminds you can do movies with out him screaming in an army of cops after he finds out his kid died or something. The supporting cast is some of this years best with great performances by Josh Brolin, James Franco, and Emile Hursh. I think all 3 deserve some kind of regonation for this one.
Two other stars of the film have to be the director Gus Van Sant and D.P. Harris Savides both showing alot of restrant instead of a super stylised film. or in Savides no wide angle lenses. But both leave there comfort zones and pull off a great film. they really could have over done this one. but it's like they both got together and wanted the film to just work and it does. In terms of quality well fuck in terms of movies I really love this film and Oscars or not it's great. this is a great film year and this film is defently at the top. seriously go see it.

remember when i made fun of 50 cent. well it wa a while ago and now it's on you tube peace


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