Wednesday, January 07, 2009

early best picture predications

so the oscar nominess don't get annouced til january 24th but i can all ready tell you what 3 of the nominees for best picture are.

Slumdog millionare
Benjamin Button

those 3 are given no joke will all be there. now the other two nominees arn't as easy. sure conventinal wisdom would day frost/nixon is a lock but it doesn't have the same great word of mouth as wall e or the dark knight. Regardless it has a shot with the producers guild picking frost/nixon in there best picture. they also put dark knight in there.
But the academy doesn't do the exact same thing as the producers guild. all though it's pretty close. I still think Wall e has a shot but it looks a bit dim. however i still think there's a shot at both the dark knight and wall e getting nominations.
so we'll see but really for those 2 slots. There are only 3 films going for it


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