Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I have to say this movie kinda suprised me. I think this shows alot of growth from Bryan Singer as it's not very american. There arn't that many mediums and close ups. The way he shot it is alot more like a british tv series then a normal action film would be. They use alot of wide shots which is nice.
I really like this film is reminds me of action films of the past. The way it was made. I think defently up there with Bryan Singers other great movies. The Usual Suspects and X-men 2.
All the actors in the film are well used. I think you could think cause there isn't alot of character development that they don't get to build characters but they do it very small ways. Tom Cruise kinda suprises me cause he's the studio head behind this and he made a kinda commercial film but it's almost too quiet to be one.
defently a suprise. if you can get to this I honestly think it would be more fun to see on the big screen. but this is a crazy film year so your choice.

With an awesome performance by Vincent Price Witchfinder general is awesome. He basically plays a guy who goes to towns and finds witchs which is pretty much anyone who pisses him off. That would be fun. Hey my pizza's late. well then that guys a witch or i have to pay rent my land lord is a witch burn them. as you can see there are plenty ways of using the witch thing.
This is probably the most fun movie I've sen about witchburning. but it's also an awesome piece of cult cinema. it's both fun and horrifing something I think Vincent Price does well. but really all i need to say is Vincent Price is really good in it. that is really enough. it's also a coo movie. so if you can find it cause i got it in odd means then check it out.


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