Thursday, January 15, 2009

back to the future 2 and The Queen

in one scene in back to the future 2 a young elijah wood. says about the 80's arcade game that "It's just a baby's toy". In a sense that is this movie. It works as a film and everything. But everything they do with structure and self refferancial moments are so clear anyone can see right through them. But this movie knows that and kinda reveals in it. It's obvious they knew what they were doing very well.
[SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]
Back to the future 2 understands the 3 act strucutre cause every place they travel in time is a different act. so that when an act ends they time travel in to the next act. Act 1 is of course the whole future thing. They even bring the audience in with a opening little story about Michael J. Fox's son that really reminds me how they start alot of simpson episodes. then it starts up. Act 1 sets everything thing up the almaniac and Doc and Marty's understanding that time travel is dangerous. Also old biff goes back in time with the almaniac. Then Act 2 when they go to alternative future 1985. showing the seed they planted the plot seed of biff mature. They now know what biff did and must fix it. Enter Act 3 when they travel to the same past you saw them go to in the last movie. making a big act 3 because it looks coo to have them make new scenes out of the old scenes. And eventually well you know how to ends
[SPOILER ALERT OVER SPOILER ALERT OVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

I do like also how this movie combines what the audience is familiar with by references things that happened in the previous film. probably giving every a similair feel as the original. some executive was probably gizzing is his pants over this movie. It also has sequal so written all over it that there is no question it's back to the future 2.
This may have been Zemeicks's best period. Having just come off rodger rabbit and before that the first back to the future. After this then he made gump boo.
Really this movie is film structure for babies but if you wanna sit back and accept a film that is really easy to understand but loves it at the same time then check out this movie. but I'm guessing since it was a huge hit you probably all ready have.

I finally saw this movie on tv. A fitting place for it cause it's pretty much a glorified tv movie. Nothing about it is truely that outstanding. but it's not supposed to do that maybe. Really Helen Mirren is what slightly makes it feel like it could be better but her performance can't save this movie.
There's really not that much there. It's just kinda re telling of maybe what happened. Like most tv movies. Really it's a good version of what usually is the oj story or the madonna story or you know those 90's tv movies that would take headlines and make them into movies. I kinda like the camp of those more then this film.
Sure it's a more intresting thing to make a movie out of then those. but it doesn't every get that much past them.
It trys but doesn't get very far with having a nice score and actors. But I guess it's just like an hbo movie or something.
Also what the fuck is with that deer. Was that supposed to mean something cause that is the worst symbolism I've ever seen. Like is that supposed to be tradition and then Diana's evil liberal hunter ways killed it. I don't know and personally I thought it was just like trying to hit you over the head with it or something. Like what was that crap. look i saw a deer run deer. on no deer is dead. well i guess i'll go see this whole diana thing. WHAT. Seriously that was dumb. Do you guys understand how to use symbolism. maybe not. did they like just learn what it was and then maybe was like i want you this "symbolism". ok sorry that deer was dumb.
Really this is the kinda movie that someone sees if they want to see what appears to be an intelligent film. But don't really wanna be challenged as a viewer if so then this movie's for you. But honestly that deer thing. no really the fuck was that. Honestly I think this movie found it's home being played on oxygen and usa during the day. As it's no better then re runs of house.

sorry actually house is better. ooooooooooooo suck it queen. suck it.


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