Friday, January 16, 2009

The Wrestler and The man who loved women

The Wrestler is the kind of gritty heartbreaking film that works with New Jersey so well. What's even better is that Darren Aronofsky is doing this film after the fountain. All the cercumstans in this film work so well they feel like they were ment to be there. A Bruce Springsteen song at the end felt so natural it was like breathing but also apporperate.
Aronofsky shows how good of a director he is by making a smaller dirtier film. It's all hand held. It's also not very stylised at all. It even remind me of cassavettes sometimes.
Mickey Rourke is so good I think the part was written for him or something. He just owns this movie. In fact he almost is this movie. This film using Mickey Rourke's all ready tough guy image and uses to it's advantage. He has a very old gravelie voice. When he says lines like I'm just a beat up piece of meat. You don't believe it's a line you think he really would have said that.
Another example would be Evan Rachel Wood. Who all though not amazing was good. Pretty much plays the part she always play. Aronofsky uses both of these actors in two different ways. The way he uses wood is almost an old 40's way of casting. Which I really liked seeing again. Too much now we don't let actors do that. Mickey Rourcke almost in the same way you know he's tought guy. It's almost the begining to a new stage in his career.
The film shows the decay of 80's excess more then I've seen in a while. Sure I've seen third acts in films cover it. but this all the film is saying. It lets you really get in to this. Rourcke's character is almost like the wild bunch or the searchers. He's a man from the past still around for whatever reason trying to make some sort of sense out of it. Instead of the railroad which they use for progress in westerns. They use the older technology from the 80's and the newer stuff from today to show what a creature of the 80's he was.
Also the Bruce Springsteen song. Really like I can't thing of anything more apporperate. It's almost like a springsteen song. I'm not the biggest springsteen fan but the little i know I can tell you this is darkness on the edge of town kinda shit. Not happy born to run or anything. I hope you got that reference.
Really a great great film of any year. so yes this is one of the best films of the year. I really recomend this film. Seriously check it out. Aronofsky's come alogn way since pi.

Like most french people Truffaut was fuckign horny. But he also liked making movies. So where between this movie comes out. Obvously he is a leg man. Cause there's a whole thing about legs in this. also all the girls in this have small boobs. but in his defense he got some nice legs in the movie. However beyond me being a stupid man.
This film is really good. I was kinda suprised by it. The main character is more then just a man slut or something. It really goes in to all his affairs how it happen cercumstances. I've rarely seen a film about a player be so reflective. It loves women but he doesn't just view them as meat. The title works. He is sexist and isn't the nicest to women but he does love women in his own way.
Also this has some hitchcock homages that really worked. i was suprised at how well it was used. even a Truffaut cameo.
All though this isn't one of his all time best. It's still worth seeing and if you like truffaut i think you should check it out.


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