Friday, January 23, 2009

pink flamingoes and ghost world

This post is all about me re watching films that i used to be really in to

When i was in the eigth grade this was the greatest movie I had ever heard. It was disgusting conterversial and really way out of anyones radar. All though most people had heard of it (I grew up in baltimore so) they would never see it. And I got a copy. really i understand why i had no friends.
Re watching it now I have to say it's the kinda film that if your hardcore into movies you should see. Cause really there is no film like Pink Flamingoes. It's both an expermential film and craziest cult film you've ever seen. It just weird and really I think most of it is done almost to challenge you like yeah egg lady not enough well how about to people having sex with a chicken. ok not enough how about this. And Really I feel like it gets worse as it goes on.
But thats really what I like about Pink Flamingoes. It just doesn't give up. It wants to push you. I've always thought this was John Water crowing achievement. Certainly he has made alot of films. and i think some better then pink flamingoes. But still there is nothing like it.
I don't know if this is something an eigth grader should be watching cause it's. well first it's nc-17 or X or whatever. But if your gonna watch a strange movie at 2 am this is it.
Also the ending wow still disgusting after all these years. I didn't gag this time. hey good job.

When I was a senior in high school I think i watched this movie a couple of times a week at one point. I think for a high school senior who really just kinda wants to go to collage this is a really great movie. And it's not that bad but after seeing on syndcated tv of all places I re examined it.
First I think the script, Steve Buscemi, and even Thora Birch are real good. But this movie isn't really made that well. Some of the cuts your like why the fuck did we just do that or just felt rushed. Scarlett Johansen has always bugged me in her role. And I even think that it's the worst one I've ever seen from her. The summer art school think is ok and kinda works but is too like get it I'm in artist i like silly art things. It's ok but it's a weak concept and it shows. Probably should have been a sign that art school confidential would suck.
I also don't really get the characters anymore. The scene were they go to the sports bar to see the old jazz guitarist. sure they didn't wanna be there but why even go. I think they should have seen him and left. This whole stick around thing. Even the characters had to know that they weren't gonna have a good time. Then later when enid gets a job at a movie theater. When she gets fired. It's really no suprise and who the fuck acts that way. I just i don't know not as into it.
It's directed by Terry Zwigoff. Who had directed the documentary Crumb before this. As a director I think after this film it's really down hill. I don't think Ban Santa and espically Art School Confidential ever follow this up. But when you make a documentary like Crumb maybe you don't have too
But as a movie and for what it is. It does a good job. It's a little movie and maybe doesn't go beyond that but it doesn't want to so why get mad. i still think it's good not great but good. but if you are a art school kid and your a senior in high school i highly reccomend it.


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