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frost/ nixon and on her majesty's secret service

Frost/ Nixon is not the big political movie it's advertised as. but it's still good. Most of the movie isn't about Nixon so much. It's about David Frost putting these interviews together. Which is kinda intresting I guess but Ron Howard has to put these interviews with characters. I guess he wants it to be like a documentary. Sure that works with some films like Lenny but I don't think I've seen it work since then. In this the documentary element almost kills the movie and seriously ruins key scenes that should have been up to the actor to communicate. I feel like the documentary element wasn't a storytelling decision it was more of a nixon is importand and documentaries talk about important stuff so there you go. This also doesn't work cause the people there interviewing look like they were being interviewed right after it happened. yet they seem to know everything that has happened. I wish they had tryed to age them. Would have worked better if it was them in like 85 or something.
Really I think Ron Howard isn't that strong of a director and this movie certainly shows that. Granted his last projest was the untolerably bland the Da vinci Code.And this movie maybe better but it's kind of better bland direction. I think Ron Howard has made some great movies. Like Apollo 13 and I've always liked Williow. but that time has passed.
Is this movie good. yeah it's good but it's not great. It's almost paint by numbers even the lighting and cinematography looks like a typical movie in 2008 that takes place in the 70's sort like american gangster. nothing blew me away.
Frank Langella is great but any parts were he is reinacting something nixon did he stuck out like a sore thumb. however in the interview stuff and most of the movie he was great.
I liked Kevin Bacon and seeing Oliver Platt in a movie again. Also Sam Rockwell and even though i think nobody liked him but me the guy who played david frost.
If you really wanna see Frost/ Nixon then I guess see it but i don't think this movie has very much cross over appeal. I'm kinda like begrudingly giving this a good review cause I honestly won't probably ever see this movie again. It was good but yeah it wasn't best of the year kinda stuff. If you havn't seen all those other better movies this year. Then don't see this first. see this like after all those have left town or something. sure this is good but nothing to write home about.

This is the Best James Bond Movie You have not seen. Seriously. How good is this. If i were to put this on a scale. This is defently in my top 5 bonds. at position 5 it might bump down to 6 but not lower then that. It's really a different kinda Bond movie. You have George Lazenby a virtual unknown before doing this, his first film getting pretty comfortable quick. I think he got comfortable quicker then Moore did in Live and let die.
It's also shot very well. Choosing to have action scenes at both Dawn and Dusk makes it look really amazing images. Most of the action scenes are filmed alot better then is usual for the time period. I really like how they did them.
This one also changes Bond. He has a serious relationship in this one. Pretty much a girlfriend. They also choose to have mostly wide shots instead of the typical medium for action films at the time. Which works well with alot of the cool scenary they had to work with. In fact it's defently almost the best shot Bond film.
The villian Telly Savalas is incredibly perfect. One of the best Bond villians. And obviously the physical inspriation behind Dr. Evil. He's perfect at being bad and really has fun with it. I know it might seem funny to praise Kojack but dam he was fucking good.
A Big fan of this film is Dark Knight director Chris Nolan. I can kinda see it as Bond is mainly doing this job on vacation but he wants to do cause of like society. also the editing in dark knight were it would cut back and forth between one side and the other during an action scene is almost taken from this film.
Also Diana rigg plays a really nice Bond girl. She is both hot and can act. so she works out better then most of them.
The action sequences even the big ones are really top notch. The skying sequence is great and in fact just dam it was awesome.
Really I just wanna say if you like James Bond and you wanna see a Great Bond Movie. see this seriously it is good and your missing out. It's almos the anti bond to the rest of the 60's films and makes the rest of the silly ones made after it look even more ridcoulous then they all ready did. Great 60's action film. seriously check it out.


Blogger doublenoughtspy said...

Very nice review of OHMSS. Your observation about how well it was shot is a good one. I worked on the DVD and had conversations about the style of photography with Director Peter Hunt, Cinematographer Michael Reed and Cameraman Alec Mills. Hunt didn't want it shot like a conventional action film. An overlooked masterpiece.

9:40 AM

Blogger Jim Gisriel said...

oo thank you. yeah it's really an overlooked masterpiece. I even think that the film has a huge influence on todays action films. that was a good dvd too so good job man. seriously i think i watched everything before i sent it back to netflicks and i'll probably end up buying it as well.

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