Saturday, January 24, 2009

awesome gas station

So i went for a walk near my apartment and i found this fucking awesome gas station. well ok i don't drive so not really that awesome but it has lots of nice junk food. like junk food i grew up on in the 7-11's and royal farms of maryland. in addition they have really nice beef hot dogs. put some relish, ketchup, and pepper. holy fuck man ooo jezzzzzz oh man. that's my weekend tradition going there.
they also got party mix which is a combination of cheetos dorritoz rold gold pretzels and sun chips. in one fucking bag man. i'm serious one party mix with all that ooo man i love that place.

after writing this i realise i am one getrifited bitch. seriously talking about how i love suburbian junk food. man. i am totally a urban white young male living in brooklyn.


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