Wednesday, January 28, 2009

NEW VIDEO and shatners raw nerve

so almost 9 years ago I made a documentary called star stalking. It was about me and my friends trying to meet celebrities. It was fun to make but ultimately I never did that much with it.
So i decided to put up a clip of it where i met the deftones in 2000. and only the part with the deftones.
I am actually considering. putting up more from star stalking however. I havn't started and there's still stuff from art school that needs to go up and stuff I've made recently too. so regardless it's gonna be a little bit but I think it may and thats a big may happen.

this is a playlist of all my stuff after the deftones thing

I realised since i do a tv top ten I should do a tv review now and then you know.

Shatners raw nerve has to be the best interview show on tv. Cause i will watch it no matter who is on it. I watched one with Valerie Bertinelli. I barely know who that is beyond her being in weight watcher ads and the fact she used to be married to eddie van halen. But I was glued. Shatner sometimes won't interject for long periods of time. I've heard people compare his interview style with both Oprah and Charle Rose. That is defently true. Like Rose he gets in deep your pretty much relying on your guest. Which for Charlie Rose can be a great thing with the right person but can be the bad with a bad person. Oprah is a personality and most people watch her over the person she's interviewing.
Shatner does something different. You wait for him to challenge the guest. it's almost like you want him to keep this person opening up. And they do your not as much talking about the persons career but what there life has been like and what there career has done for there life.
I think it's really a great show. He has had some good guest like Kelsey Grammer, Tim Allen, and Leoard Nimoy. It's on bio and it's only a half hour. if you get bio and you stumble across it. It's a great show and you'll find yourself like me watching a half hour about some celebrity you barely know. And you'll actually be in to it.


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