Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rififi and zombie road signs

To say this is the best Heist film ever made. Is like saying the sky is blue. This is really really a great film. directed by american director Jules Dassin in french because he was blacklisted. In addition to that he's not a pussy director but I guess when your blacklisted you can't be. really i wanna talk about all the scenes. the incredible. seriously straight out incredible heist scene. 30 minutes and no dialouge no music and it works so well. I really wondered if it was really 30 minutes.
Truffaut said about this film when it was realised "Out of the worst crime novels I ever read, Jules Dassin has made the best crime film I've ever seen" yeah it's awesome.
It was of course remade as Ocean's 11 with Frank Sinatra and the rat pack. Which was then remade as Ocean's 11 with George Clooney and his friends. Which then has two sequals. making Oceans 13 having the incredible distinction of being a sequal to a sequal of a remake of a previous remake. ooo hollywood.
However none of those films go in to the emotion, drama, and intelligence that Rififi goes into. After seeing this again (third times a charm) I realise how much those other films let me down. I also saw how great the camera work was in this film. The cinematography doesn't have the camera move as much as today but uses mirrors and just really uses the whole frame alot of the time. making it look very striking in black and white. The acting also really great.
Honestly I wanna talk about this film but i know alot of people havn't seen it. so really i don't cause i like it so much I don't wanna ruin it. Don't see the bank job or any modern heist movie. This is it. If you have not seen this. well frankly i think your living an imcomplete life. maybe some half life. you probably don't really even know what laughter and having a soul really means because you have not seen this movie. ok maybe a little far.
But this is an incredible film. don't think about just see it and it really gets better everytime i watch it. Rififi netflix it today. seriously one of the best films ever made. EVER.

just see it.

I know major news is carrying this story but i really liked it so I'm gonna post it too. Some hackers hacked into those digitals signs and made them say that. really nice sense of humor. really awesome. however Feud said on this message board I found

"I find it far more likely that local authorities were trying to contain an outbreak, and this is the cover story being sold so that wide spread panic doesn't set in should people realize that the apocalypse is upon us."

That may be true as well but either way pretty coo

also on the whole indian people who live in the slum hating slumdog milliionaire because it's title sounds like people who live in the slums are dog. well the academy voters might care but they did let driving miss daisy win best picture the year do the right thing came out and not even give do the right thing a best picture nomination. so what does that tell you.


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