Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Top 10 films of 2008

yeah i know i finally made my top ten list. really i'm going to say what every critic says it's impossiable to act like this film is the one greatest. yeah it is dumb but we all wait for them and then read them. so yeah. what i can say is that this was a great film year. if you don't believe see these 10 films. i really think each one is incredibly good. in fact each film in my top 5 could have been the top film of the year and to be honest each of them are good enough that we'll be talking about them for a while. also the other 5 are really great also. and i'll probably get them all on dvd.


This film has alot of ideas in it and really i don't feel like i've seen it all. but i also really like that. Charlie Kauffman's directoral debute was odd as all hell but really great. i really love this movie it says more about age then benjamin button does and could ever try to.


one of the best polticial movies i've seen in a while. Gus van Sant more then makes up for all that crap he made since good will hunting with this film. This could have been preachy as fuck. And the fact that it came out as good as it is. is kinda why it's so good cause they did it they made an awesome movie about this guy. Also the acting in this movie was really really good.


For me Wall e was pretty much perfect. it's really a classic film and there's almost nothing i can say about it that hasn't been said. I really love this movie. and yeah the parts with and without dialouge.


One of the best shot horror films i've ever seen. Sure a swedish vampire movie sounds more odd then good. But this is a really good film about kids. Not making kids into like this idolised view of child hood. alot of critics always say see this over Twilight or something. really i can't stop u from seeing twilight. but this film doesn't have kids as cut outs there like real kids. which is only one of this films strong points.


Really when i think of this film i think of the word brutal. This film is about being both emotionally and physically run down but knowing you are who you are. Mickey Rourke is perfectly cast in Darren Arronafsky's film. about the downfall of 80's excess and were it wound up.


The movie american beauty always wanted to be. Kate Winslet and Leoardo Dicaprio go all jules and jim on us to follow up the biggest movie ever in the universe. And shock since there both really awesome actors it really works. Sam Mendes plays on his strenghts which is working with actors in this film by giving both actors alot to do in short time. both actors do there jobs both visually and you know saying there lines good and stuff. Also Rodger Detkins shot this really well.


One of the best made comic movies ever. Iron Man was really well made. It moved so well you didn't notice. And Robert Downey Jr. wow like he really drove this movie in fact i think without him this movie would have really sucked. he just was tony stark. I actually think it's the most successful comic book movie ever. because iron man was not a name character for the most people before this film. it did not have the name recongination that a spiderman, batman, superman, or even an x-men do. but now everyone knows his name.

Bright colors and shiny lights. that's speed racer or like Stephen Colbert's review "it's like being thrown into a dryer on spin cycle with fireworks" pretty much sums it up.
But it's also a really well made bizarre kids movie. in fact it's better made then it probably should have ever been but thats what makes it so great there is so much going on. maybe it's more of an experience but really fun one.

One of the best acted films of the year. Really we're following a villian or who would ordinarly be a villian. Follow who we would ordinarily be the good guy. The villian being Streep the bad guy being Hoffman. Having a movie with both Philip Seymour Hoffman and Meryl Streep and shot by Rodger Detkins is probably worth seeing but then you put Amy Adams in there. dam. Really good and very well acted.

Sure it's the lame oscar movie of the year. But compared to most of the lame oscar movies fox searchlight wants to throw at us. I think this movie actually work very well and is one of the best i've seen in that sub genre i just made up.
anyway yeah this is a simple little movie but i think thats all it wants to be and really i have no problem with a good movie. it has all that life affriming crap but it works.


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