Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Stranger and Ziggy Stardust

This film is the only one Orson Wells ever made to make a profit on it's intial release. That mind sound like dumb way to start a review but Orson Wells never really liked this film because he compramised and made a studio film. Really I don't have a problem with studio films. Obviously Orson Wells did. But I think this is still worth a watch.
You could easily compare this to Hitchcocks Shadow of A Doubt. Because of the hidden evil indenity of someone you trust thing. Shadow of A Doubt , which starred Wells's close friend Joseph Cotten, You kinda know the whole movie. even though there is some doubt about it. But In this Wells is just flat out like totally bad and you know it. I think I prefer this film to Shadow of a doubt. I feel like it's a stronger film and alot more entertaining. and it's fun seeing a thriller directed by Orson Wells.
Wells is both a great actor and a great director. As an actor I often think he makes sure he's going to steal the scene. He's almost to much personailty for the other actors to handle. I think this can be a good thing and a bad thing. Most of the times like the third man and citizen kane it really works so well. Having him come in all smug as Harvery Lime. But I can see how the cliche as Wells may have really not served him as well.In this film he works.
Also Edward G. Robinson. An actor i really like does a great job as a dective. Is really the moral center to the film. Robinson's character is almost always right but not like a dick or anything. He's more of a god like watcher kinda thing.
On a side note and really this has very little to do with the film. well it does but yeah. this is believed to be one of the first films to show images of the holocaust after world war two. that's kinda intresting.
anyway this is a good movie worth check it out and I think it's good.

also you can watch it on hulu for free

D.A. Pennebaker directs a concert movie about David Bowie. But not only that it's Bowie's last show as Ziggy Stardust. not only that. nobody knew about it until right before the last song. yeah thats right Bowie told the crowd and some say the band that this was his last performance. well as Ziggy Stardust at least. So yes that part in Velvet goldmine was based on something.
D.A. Pennebaker who also directed Don't look Back about Bob Dylan and The War Room about the Clinton Election. Has made some really good documentary's. This is the only flat out concert film i have seen from him. I do really like how he used the audience in the film. espically during an awesome guitar solo.
Bowie of course is doing Ziggy Stardust and it is a truely awesome performance. As a film it really works. Obviously you should like bowie if your gonna see it. but i'm not a bowie fanatic or anything and i really liked it. so if you just like him this should be fun to watch.


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