Friday, February 06, 2009

Vicky Christian Barcelona and Shallow Grave

So the big question with any current Woody Allen movie is it actually any good? well yes it is good. then if i was a normal critic or something i would talk about how this is so fucking amazing and how he's back. ok everybody chill. This is a good movie but it's not his best. in fact i probably wouldn't put that many of his current stuff near a best woody allen list.
However this is the new post match point woody. is this as good as match point. well not really but it's probably his best this decade next to match pont. really i think his last great film is Sweet and Lowdown. really that's his last great amazing woody allen movie.
This film does work with great casting from Rebecca Hall, Javier Bardem, and Penelope Cruise. In fact i heard Woody Allen wouldn't do the movie without Javier Bardem. I really agree with this cause he really is the only person would play this role. Him and Penelope Cruise do agreat job together and really show off there acting chops. Rebecca Hall was also really good. i kinda wish she was in it more. The direction really works as well. I think it's a good comedy.
But it's kinda flawed too things. the narration. now i don't hate narration. i'm not that kinda person. the narration itself was fine but it sounded like some bland book on tape. I kinda keep remebering the royal tenebaums (not my favorite thing in the world but it's a good example) narration and how well that worked. this just kinda seems artiafuical and doesn't help the film that much. i think a better voice actor would have been better.
Also I found Scarlett Johansson kinda bad in certain scenes. I've never understood why woody allen works with her so much. she really was the worst person in this film. Maybe woody really likes looking at her tits. i mean she's got nice boobs and all and i hope she lets see them once in a while. espically with all the work he gives her. but yeah that must be why. he's probably like ooo man if i cast her i can see her tits again. fuck yeah cast scarlett johansson. however i do wanna say i don't hate her but she was not doing good in this film.
I think you easily say woody allen is somewhat dated as a film maker. but he trys to make some good movies. even though this could look like a pervy kinda thing. hey don't worry he's not Tom Wolfe. so seriously this is good. I think if you havn't seen all the older woody allen i would say see that first. but this is still good it's worth checking out.

Danny Boyle's (slumdog millionaire) first film and Ewan Mcgregor's first film is the best hitchcock film not made by hitchcock in the 90's. It's a great thriller and the cast is used extremly well.
Also the tone like the music and the way it's shot from the begining to the end. depending on the relationship of the 3 main characters. which i found really intresting. It started like your watching some fun 90's movie. then by the end your in a old hitchcock. i really liked this it defently helped show how bad things had gotten for them.
Evne though this is Ewan Mcgregor's first film. Chris Eccleston does a really great job. I only knew him as the first Doctor in the Doctor who reboot. He does performance nothing at all like anything i saw him do in doctor who. I always saw him as a good actor but he has alot of range. He really steals the whole movie for me to be honest.
Danny Boyle defently jerks off and makes you shallow it with his first film. this is the kinda film. someone does later in there career. it defently shows off his directing skills.
bottom line this movie works and i defently reccomend it. Actually i think it might be better then slumdog. danny boyle did trainspotting after this which i still think is his best film. but I can see how he could do that film after this. a strong film by a good director. really nice check it out if you get the chance and yes of the two films in this (shock) this is the better one.


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