Monday, February 09, 2009


nockFORCE vlogs about lying can YOU figure out which story is fake? answer next episode!

special playlist for y'all

The grammys were predicatable lame. with the expections of radiohead and the swagger like us combo with very pregnet mia.

hey a movie review too

i guess cause this movie is independent and oscar nominated and played at sundance I should care or something. too bad this movie is just fluff. really seriously. i think I've seen lifetime movies with the same format. I'm guessing cause most of the people that would see this film don't see bad movies that much. So i'm sure this will blow there mind. This is the kinda movie that people in rich areas see and rave about then i have to see and i'm like. you serious this what you think a good movie is. jesus. i mean i just don't get it.
Some sad white guy be friends two illegal immigrants who are squating at his apartment he hasn't been at in a while in new york. then he becomes friends with them. yeah pretty far fetched in stead of just having this get more stupid. they try to pull it off like some indepent movie. So then this old white guy learns to play the drum cause of his new ethnic friend. well good for him. then some other crap happens or something.
Richard Jenkins is good but being good in a stupid movie. like who cares. it's great he's getting the publicty so i'm not gonna tear him a new one. and yeah he was the best thing in this.
This movie chokes on it's "independent" feel. There's really nothing independent about it except i guess it's finacing. really it's a puff piece from NPR made into a major motion picture.
God i hate this kinda bullshit. if anyone doubt liberals run the media see this movie. I really found this be lame. like just lame. it has it's moments but i just like what the fuck does anyone see good movies anymore. good what the fuck. if you wanna be a predictable film goer and love this movie cause it has a moving human spirit. go a head jerk off and pretend it's real sex. but if you wanna see a good film find something else to do.


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